Common Skin Problems for Men

In recent years, more and more men have started visiting Medi-Spas, Salons and Aesthetic Centres, due to gents becoming more aware of the fact that something CAN be done about some of their pet hates!

Many men are amazed when they find out exactly what can be done to help them deal with things that bug them on their skin and body. Our aim is not to completely change the way you look but rather to assist you in maintaining your youthful masculine vigor. The majority of our treatments are gradual, resulting in an improvement over time and leaving your friends and family wondering what your secret is.

We’d like to share with all our male patients, exactly how much we can do to help you keep your skin and body looking fresh, smooth, and young!

Frequently Asked Questions

These treatments aim to unclog blocked pores, extract any papules and pustules on the skin. They also aim at smoothing out the tone and texture of the skin, decreasing the appearance of spots, and promote speedy healing.

Acne Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required;

  • Beta Peels (an average of 4-6 treatments required)
  • Extraction Peel Facials (an average of 4 initial treatments required, and then can be done every 4-6 weeks for maintenance)
  • Gut restoration via Health Renewal

These treatments are aimed at breaking down the scar tissue and causing the skin to regenerate and heal normally. In this way, scars can be significantly improved, resulting in much smoother, youthful-looking skin.

Acne Scarring Treatment Options;

At the Renewal Institute, we make use of the highly versatile Cutera ND:Yag laser to treat concerns such as skin tags, warts, DPN's (aka Morgan Freeman Spots) and razor bumps. The long pulsed ND:Yag laser is suitable for use on all skin types.

Skin Tags, DPNs and Razor Bumps Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required;

Our treatments for stubborn fat, aim to do one or both of two things, namely; destroy fat cells or shrink them significantly. It’s important to note that these treatments work best when focussed on stubborn fatty deposits that just will not budge with diet and exercise.

Stubborn Abdominal Fat Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required;

  • Cryo Lipolysis (an average of 1-3 treatments required)
  • Exilis (an average of 6-8 treatments required)
  • Titania (an average of 6-8 treatments required)
  • Velashape (an average of 6-8 treatments required)
  • Accent (an average of 6-8 treatments required)
  • Carboxytherapy (an average of 6-8 treatments required)

Red cheeks are most often caused by dilated blood capillaries on the face. Due to the vessel walls being weak, these capillaries do not constrict, but rather push up superficially, making the face look red and flushed.

Red Cheek Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required;

As we age, our skin starts to become thinner and underlying sun damage tends to become more and more visible. Photoageing can appear as sun spots, pigmentation, red blotches and rough textured skin. For this reason, we need to look at treatments that resurface and target uneven pigment deposits in the skin.

Sun Spots and Photoageing Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required;

Many things cause us to store up muscle tension, including stress, sitting behind a desk for extended periods, training regularly without sufficient stretching and having a hectic, busy lifestyle that doesn't allow you much rest or recovery time.

Stiff and Sore Muscle Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required;

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