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  • A glossary of terms used at Skin & Body Renewal.
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      3D Cellulite Solution
      Cellulite has different forms and grades and thus success at combating cellulite needs a combination of treatments. The 3D Cellulite solution, our signature cellulite treatment combines the following cutting edge non-invasive cellulite technologies at an affordable price: Carboxytherapy, Radiofrequency, Lipomassage and transdermal mesotherapy.
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      3D Mommy Renewal
      At Skin & Body Renewal we understand that pregnancy takes Its toll on the body and thus have come up with a great programme to get our Mommy’s back into shape. 3D Mommy Renewal combines a body shaping programme with a skin brightening facial at a reduced and affordable price for most moms. This combined approach will target cellulite, lax abdominal skin and stretch marks. The pigmentation acquired during pregnancy can safely be reduced even if you are breastfeeding.
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      3D Skin Rejuvenation
      Our signature laser treatment, is one of the most effective non ablative skin rejuvenation solutions available and involves combining three clinical applications viz. Titan, LimeLight and Laser Genesis.
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      3D Skin Tightening
      Is an effective way to tighten lax abdominal or body skin and combines six skin tightening applications. Microdermabrasion, Titan, Laser Genesis, Transdermal mesotherapy with growth factors, Carboxytherapy and Radiofrequency offer a non-surgical, no downtime alternative to tighten loose skin anywhere on the body.
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      3D Stretch Mark
      Combines Carboxytherapy, Laser Genesis and transdermal mesotherapy for improvement of new and old stretch marks.
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      3D Body Renewal
      Our signature body shaping treatment is one of the most effective body shaping solutions available and involves combining five clinical applications: Ultrashape, Radiofrequency, Carboxytherapy and Body Renewal Lite, a body sculpting eating program which reduces exercise resistant fat and dangerous intra abdominal fat. The total programme is superior to traditional liposuction and laser lipolysis, which only targets superficial fat. At Body Renewal, with our 3 D Body Renewal combination of treatments; in 4 to 6 weeks it is possible to take an average body and turn it into a healthy body: slim, firm, smooth and sculpted.
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      Ablative Lasers
      When in reference to cosmetic lasers, ablative lasers remove the outermost layer of skin during treatment. Ablative Laser resurfacing works by vaporizing the top layer of the skin to remove blemishes, scars and wrinkles. Ablative laser treatments are overall more aggressive in terms of severity, have more downtime (14 days) than non ablative lasers but more results can be expected if the downtime can be afforded by the patient. Because of the downtime and risks associated with ablative lasers such as CO2 and Erbium YAG lasers, fractionated ablative lasers such as Pearl Fractional and Fraxel: Repair offer similar results with a minimal downtime of 5 to 7 days and are also associated with less side effects of the traditional ablative lasers such a scarring and hypopigmentation.
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      Eses radiofrequency, a non invasive procedure which improves cellulite and exercise resistant fat deposits. Accent also tightens sagging skin on the arms, abdomen, knees and thighs.
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      A common skin condition originating from problems in the sebaceous glands; characterized by pimples and comedones, commonly on the face, back, and chest, which in severe cases can result in scarring.
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      Basal cell carcinoma
      An early stage, easily treatable form of skin cancer that usually appears in the form of raised, smooth, pearly bumps around the head, neck, or shoulder areas — resembling a sore, but failing to heal.
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      Benzoyl Peroxide
      The active ingredient in many over-the-counter acne medicines, this oxygen-releasing chemical works to kill acne-causing bacteria.
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      Beta hydroxy acid
      An oil-soluble exfoliant derived from fruit and milk sugars that is commonly found in skin-care products. Beta hydroxy acid is used to treat acne, wrinkles, blackheads, and photoaging. Salicylic acid is an example of a beta hydroxy acid.