Since 2008, Quura Medical B.V., an internationally operating cosmeceutical company based in the Netherlands has acquired the rights to Lycogel® for the US as well as other international markets. It's FDA certified laboratory employ the finest technicians and equipment to service the markets worldwide where the Lycogel® products are available.

Members of Quura's management team have been involved with the distribution of Lycogel® since soon after the products were first launched and understand why skin specialists and their patients are so passionate about using what Lycogel® has to offer. It was this passion that fueled the decision to continue when news came that the former provider had ceased to exist. With great pleasure and excitement Lycogel® was re-launched and the Breathable Camouflage and Breathable Concealer products introduced with the key message that what the users love about Lycogel® remains the same.

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