Matriskin is a high-performance paramedical skincare system that tackles skin problems by treating imperfections such as fine lines & wrinkles, skin tone, skin texture irregularities, dehydration, sun damage and uneven pigmentation with high concentrations of active ingredients. Matriskin Technology combines two patented molecules, polysaccharides and ceramides with peptides, obtained through cutting-edge biotechnological processes. The result of this unique combination is an extensive range of products that continually revitalise, protect and improve the structure of the skin.

Matriskin has 3 different skincare categories. As the body’s first line of defence, a healthy skin will normally stop external irritation by repairing itself. Certain skins can become overwhelmed by external demands; irritation and dryness may then result in skin damage.

Matriskin have developed a solution specifically for these reactive skin types;

  • Matriskin Enhancing Program fights against external irritants, the effects of climatic variations and the aggravating factors, which can cause redness. It protects the skin with an effective feather-light oil and cream that works together to create healthy skin equilibrium. Over the years our skin is exposed to a considerable amount of pollution, harsh climate changes and other stress factors. Resulting in premature dehydration, fine lines and uneven pigmentation.
  • Matriskin Revitalizing Program stimulates cellular regeneration, collagen & elastin production and improved skin texture. Leaving your skin smoother, more radiant, rehydrated and protected.
  • Last, but not least is Matriskin Eye Care Program, which is based on active ingredients with proven efficacy to the biological needs of the skin around the eyes. With daily use, the eye-care program can significantly reduce signs of fatigue, puffiness, excessive fatty deposits and dark circles under your eyes.

Matriskin, the brainchild brand of Dr. Huet and his organisation of 50 scientists from around the globe, is manufactured in France under strict EU guidelines and produces enduringly effective skincare by constantly updating its patented formulations while staying on the cutting edge of peptide biotechnology.

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