Colinda's journey was led by Dr. Shahra with treatments done by Lisa Smith. Her skincare journey included injectables as well as skin tightening, ferulic acid peels, limelight, and laser genesis as well as solutions created specifically for sun-damaged skin with an emphasis on pigmentation.

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Colinda's Main Concerns;

Colinda Brits defining features are her freckles, her big blue expressive eyes, her defining jaw line and infectious smile. She loves her freckles but her hooded eyes bother her as well as the fine lines around her mouth and her enlarged pores.

Treatment plan for Colinda

Colinda’s treatment plan consisted of the following;

Skin Care Colinda used during her transformation;

Colinda’s at-home Skin care regime consisted of the following products;

Heliocare AK fluid

Neostrata intensive eye therapy

Neostrata triple firming neck cream

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