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    15 November 2018

    Nov 2018 Health Renewal Newsletter

    Sleep is the foundation of health, without good quality sleep, the 4 pillars of health, namely, nutrition, regular exercise, stress management and gut health will not be able to stand firmly. Unfortunately, many of us simply don’t get enough sleep, let alone the very deep kind during which our body repairs and refreshes itself. For this reason, it’s tempting to pop a sleeping tablet, but could they be doing a lot more harm than good?

    A new study recently shed light on how particular over the counter sleeping tablets could increase your risk of dementia. We take a closer look at the scary stats, as well as, explain how the type of sleep these medications provide isn’t the kind you really need. The real solution is to find and treat the underlying cause for your inability to sleep, not the sleeplessness itself.

    Fortunately, this is where Sleep Renewal can assist, helping you get not just rest your body craves, but the type that’s most beneficial.

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