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Review -​Jaw dropping or should I say “Raising”
Reviewed on 29 May 2015 by Amanda Grobler

The results of my mid-face Silhouette Soft Threads procedure was jaw dropping or should I say “raising”. There was some pain with the local anaesthetic but absolutely no pain thereafter. The Skin Renewal doctor made two tiny entrance and exit points of the 'threads' on each side of my mid-face and voila after 45 minutes I could see the immediate natural lift effect which just keeps on improving day by day. I am extremely pleased thank you!

Review -​Everything and More than I expected – I am a Fan for Life!
Reviewed on 28 May 2015 by Johann Grobler

Thank you ladies, the results of my Silhouette Soft Threads procedure are everything and more than I expected! Sleeping is a tad uncomfortable for about 5 days after but the immediate effects are just so absolutely worth it! There was no down time. I am a Fan for Life thrilled with my face’s refreshed, lifted and fuller volume appearance.

Review -The answer to all my prayers!

To all at Skin Renewal, Dr Marilyn and Dr Debbie,

I am so pleased that you have brought in the threads into your treatment menu, they are the answer to all my prayers as they have delivered immediate conclusive results to a mini- facelift without all traumas associated with surgery. It is definitely a worthwhile procedure and has made me feel much more confident about the way I look. The folds from my nose that surrounded my month area have magically disappeared, and it is ideal as it looks so natural – really turning back the clock, looking like a younger version of me, so no one suspects. People think I have just had a damn good holiday……..just what I wanted them to think.

Review -I would recommend this to anyone...
Reviewed on 10 March 2015 by Dr C.B from Pretoria

I had 2 Silhouette soft threads inserted on the 10th of March. I must say I was a bit apprehensive, but apart from the local anaesthetic I did not feel much. The lidocaine with adrenaline stung a little bit, but that was it. The procedure of inserting the threads I did not feel at all. When they started applying traction on the threads and moving my skin across it, it felt weird but not painful at all. I had only one small bruise to the right of my mouth corner. I could see immediate results. My jawline was much smoother and even my cheekbones looked more defined. The next day people commented on this. I had some puckering of skin along the path of the threads inserted from my cheekbones, that disappeared within a week. There was tenderness on the boney areas (cheekbones and jaw angle) for a week. It was not painful, only tender when touching it while washing my face. I did feel the need to wash my face carefully for about a week but after that no problem. The insertion and exit points were not that visible and not tender afterwards at all.

I would recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their sagging jowls or any other sagging part of their face. It is minimally invasive and basically painless. Knowing that the results will even improve more over the next 8 months while the threads are dissolving, really makes this worthwhile. The results are amazing!

Review -What a pleasant surprise!
Reviewed on 1 June 2015 by Fred van der Riet

I am almost 65 years old and have a younger looking skin (and much more younger looking wife). I needed to make sure that people do not think that the beautiful woman with me is my daughter and not my wife. I had the opportunity to to have a rejuvenation experience when Skin Renewal launched Silhouette Threads. What a pleasant surprise! No discomfort other than slight tenderness for 2 days after a most pleasant insertion procedure and a fresh youthful face in the mirror every morning when I shave.

The local anesthetic and the gentle care of the Aesthetic doctors made the process very smooth running and highly recommendable. Get rid of the aging evidence in comfort and without pain.

Review -I look and feel rejuvenated
Reviewed on 24 June 2015 by B.W from Craighall

I was quite anxious about having this procedure done as I have a phobia about needles! But my anxiety was quickly allayed. The doctors who do the threading are extremely professional and competent, and they work under the most hygienic conditions. I felt completely confident that I was receiving the best possible treatment. The only discomfort I felt was a slight sting as the topical anaesthic was applied, which lasted only a few brief moments. The threading itself, to my great surprise and delight, was completely painless! I had quite a number of threads done and noticed some swelling in a few areas immediately after the procedure, but that didn't last long. There was some bruising around my neck, however, I do bruise easily so was not at all concerned about it. It's been three weeks since I had the threading. I could see good results almost immediately afterwards and as each day goes by, the effects become more and more visible. My face has definitely lifted; I look younger and feel rejuvenated. People comment on it. Can't wait to see how much better I will look three months from now! Thanks to Skin Renewal for giving me this fresh new look!

Review -My husband noticed the difference immediately

Dear potential Silhouette client,

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a candidate to facilitate Doctor training for this procedure. I was quite apprehensive however my nerves were very quickly calmed in the very capable hands of the doctor. I had Silhouette threads inserted into the jawline and neck. The procedure was performed by Dr Maureen, which was completely painless and two other Doctors learning to do the procedure on the left side which due to their inexperience was a little uncomfortable but manageable.

The jawline results are great and has restored definition to my face. My husband noticed the difference immediately. The sides of my neck line is very slightly improved. I will need additional threading in the neckline to get a further improvement.

I look forward to the ongoing improvement this treatment promises.

Review -Absolute Gem!
Reviewed on 8 December 2015 by Sandra F

Melissa is an absolute gem, I will always come to her she is knowledgeable, considerable and informs me of things to do to enhance my looks. Thanks to her and with her encouragement, I decided to have Silhouette Threads. Melissa is an asset to your company and her dedication and commitment to her clients is to be commended. I love my treatments and time spent with Skin Renewal.

Sharon Izak Elaine