Social Responsibility 2016

As a company and individuals we continuously blessed with success we believe that we form part of a larger interdependent cosmos, from which we take and give on a daily basis. So every year we choose a non-profit organization in every region where our branches are situated and dedicate one day of the year to give back in the spirit of gratitude. Before the chosen day, our company supports their fundraising strategy in a variety of practical ways and provides resources for the individual fundraising efforts and by making a monetary contribution to the project. As individuals, we give back by raising money, making other contributions to the benefit of the chosen charity organisation and by serving them on the day with our time, labour and efforts.

This year we are supporting the following non-profit organisations:

Gauteng - Ark Animal Centre in Chartwell

Ark Animal Centre (2012/171809/08), based in Chartwell (near Fourways) in Gauteng, is a rehabilitation and re-homing animal shelter that has a no suffer policy for animals in their care. They specialise in puppies, but also take in adult dogs. Their aim is to change the consciousness and attitude of people towards animals in South Africa through education and awareness, and to promote animal welfare and animal rights.

Read more on how you can get involved and support the Ark Animal Centre

KwaZulu-Natal - Husky Rescue KZN

Husky Rescue KZN (NPO: 077637), based in Cato Ridge in KwaZulu-Natal, was established in 2009. Since their inception, they have had more than 250 Huskies in their care. Once in their care, they rehabilitate, sterilise, micro-chip, vaccinate, de-worm and treat the dogs for any medical conditions, or behavioural problems they may have. They focus on re-homing these amazing dogs into the care of individuals who can manage the special needs of this breed.

They have an average of 45 dogs in our care at any given time. Their long-term vision is starting with the procuring of a working farm where rescued Huskies and Horses are used in Animal Assisted Therapy Programmes to work with people who have suffered emotional traumas.

Read more on how you can get involved and support the Husky Rescue KZN

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