Amanda Malinga


Amanda is from Durban where she spent most of her life. She is motivated by a heart of service and an unwavering desire to help people.

Having graduated from Durban University of Technology in 2014with a National Diploma, it was only once she worked on cruise ships that she was introduced to the multifaceted part of the industry which is aesthetics. 

Since returning home full-time in 2017, she worked at multiple aesthetic clinics, one of which she filled the role of branch manager. 

Mother of one very enthusiastic, adventurous, bright young man, for whom all of her hard work is for, being a stellar example of hard work, honesty, integrity, and transparency show him that possessing these qualities is a true measure of one's character and it really does pay off.

She aims to inspire self-confidence, and I look forward to changing lives and making everyone she touches, feel better about themselves.

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