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Prices - Pigmentation & Sun Damage Solutions

Prices - Pigmentation & Sun Damage Solutions

Skin Renewal treatments are mostly priced per area depending on what you are looking to have done. Due to the large range of treatments available at Skin Renewal, most items listed on this page start ‘from’ a certain amount and can increase depending on the area and type of treatment you are querying.

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Your skin is constantly battling to fight off the effects of pollution, stress, inflammation, ageing and sun damage. Why then does it feel like we are losing the battle against discolouration and imperfections from the sun? Pigment or melanin levels can vary among individuals and different ethnicities. It is these discolourations that are often darker than your normal skin tone and can vary in severity.

After a thorough consultation, your Skin Renewal doctor will advise on the best solution to address your specific skin concerns, to restore a healthy youthful complexion and to ensure that the correct maintenance plans are in place to prevent re-occurrence of the condition. What sets Skin Renewal apart is our holistic treatment approach achieved by combination treatment packages. Best suited treatment plans are tailor-made in response to client concerns, budget and expectations.

Skin Renewal Pigmentation & Sun Damage Solutions
Superior Pigmentation & Sun Damage Solution

This solution is ideal for all skin types struggling with melasma, pigmentation and uneven textures.

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Standard Pigmentation & Sun Damage Solution

This solution is ideal for melasma, general skin maintenance and the prevention of superficial pigmentation and PIH.

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Choice Pigmentation & Sun Damage Solution

This solution is ideal for melasma, acne prone and congested skins that present with post inflammatory pigmentation

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Petite Pigmentation & Sun Damage Solution

This solution is a calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory treatment, ideal for the management and maintenance of pigmented, sun-damaged skin, improving overall skin health.

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