Cryolipo Fat Freezing

Cooltech Cryolipo Fat Freezing often referred to as "the safer alternative to liposuction" is a body contouring treatment. The goal of Cryolipo is to remodel the shape of the body by removing and improving stubborn bulges and pockets of resistant fat.

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The concept of this procedure is to freeze fat cells in an area, causing them to die and so they are destroyed and then eliminated by our bodies via natural processes. In essence, it removes and reduces the size of fatty pockets, minus the surgery and anesthetic with minimal discomfort. 

Because the body takes nearly three months to eliminate the destroyed fat cells, the body has time to adjust and recover slowly, allowing the skin also gradually to shrink and tighten over the treated area. So there is no loose, hanging, or flabby skin left over the area as commonly seen with more invasive procedures such as liposuction. The destroyed fat cells are gradually metabolised and eliminated by the body over 6 to 12 weeks.

Cooltech Cryolipo fat freezing

Frequently Asked Questions

Previously cryolipo treatments have been done at temperatures of between 3 and - 5 degrees Celcius; however, the latest research shows optimal results by dropping the temperature another 2 – 3 degrees. We are now able to treat these stubborn fatty pockets at temperatures of -7 and -8 degrees Celsius, without any added risk. This ensures a higher percentage of fat cells are targeted in a treatment session. 

The technology used at Skin Renewal is a CE-approved procedure. It involves cooling fat in pockets to remove resistant fat from the body by natural processes. When treated at temperatures of approximately 2 degrees and lower the fat cells start to die. So by treating a specific area at -7 and -8 degrees Celsius and maintaining the temperature for up to an hour, we can focus on the destruction of a particular pocket of stubborn fat.

For men who have stubborn fat, this treatment aims to do one or both of two things, namely; destroy fat cells or shrink them significantly. It’s important to note that these treatments work best when focussed on stubborn fatty deposits that just will not budge with diet and exercise.

Yes, there is a new advancement in the fat freezing protocol known as the "Ice cream protocol". It allows us to enhance the results of a cryolipo treatment further. 

Ice-cream therapy is the combination of Cryo Fat freezing and the insertion of synthetic Polydioxanone (PDO) threads. By inserting Monofilament PDO threads into the treated area, the stimulation will achieve an even greater result. By using this approach, we have managed to improve the treatment outcome from a 20-30% reduction rate to a 40-45% reduction. An incredible breakthrough with impressive results! 

Benefits of Ice-cream therapy

  • Double the amount of fat reduction achieved 
  • The reduction of cellulite 
  • Increased skin tightening in the treatment area
  • Improving strength and condition of the skin tissue

It is suitable for all skin types and skin colours.

The ideal candidate is someone in relatively good shape, or relatively close to their goal weight, but struggles with fat bulges such as a muffin top or bra budges, or weighty inner thighs.

These treatments are certainly not an alternative to a healthy diet or lifestyle. So anyone who decides to go ahead with treatment needs to realize that this does not give them the ability to binge eat or forget about taking care of themselves. Cryolipo is not a weight loss programme. Losing excess weight and treating stubborn areas of adipose tissue are two very different goals. This treatment cannot stop you from putting the weight back on; you may put the weight on in a different area. The reason for this being that the number of fat cells in the treated area will have significantly decreased. That means they are no longer able to store the fat as easily. 

The lower abdomen, the flanks, love handles, saddlebags, bra bulges, back fat, inner thighs, man-boobs, or flabby knees are the most commonly treated areas. In short, those areas that you can see are struggling to respond to diet or exercise and need a different approach.

Studies showed an average loss of 2 – 3cm after 45 days in the treated area. The best results are delayed and may take from 2-3 months to be noticeable. The improvements can continue for up to six months before the result is complete and optimal. More than one treatment per area may be needed to achieve the desired result depending on the size and volume of the area to be reduced. 

Combination therapy achieves the best results when it comes to body shaping. If there are areas of hardened fat such as saddlebags, the additional treatments are done in the 2-3 months after the Cryolipo procedure.  

Additional treatments include Carboxytherapy, Exilis Elite, Lavatron, Titania, Velashape, Accent, and even Injected Mesotherapy

Side effects are often mild and related to the end cooling temperature of the treatment. 

  • Post-treatment, there may be a mild burning sensation which usually subsides within 10-30 minutes. 
  • The skin may be red for between seven minutes to seven hours after a treatment. 
  • In certain areas bruising may occur which usually resolves after 7 to 14 days.  

Other side effects may include tingling, tenderness, temporary dulling of sensation, temporary bruising, and swelling, and rarely, some patients report mild abdominal cramping the first few nights after the procedure. In very rare cases (particularly in cases where patients have hormonal imbalances) a condition called 'paradoxical adipose hyperplasia' can occur. It is, therefore, imperative for you to disclose all requested medical history and medications taken and consult a doctor. 

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