A double chin and flabby jowls does not necessarily come with age and these signs are usually recognised when one sees oneself in profile or in photographs. This is a problem that is seen in both male and female patients.

Double chins or neck waddles are the result of excess fat or hanging loose skin or both. It is very important to make this distinction as it changes the strategy for what will be the most effective treatment.

In the younger patient, it may be a lot of extra fat and not so much extra skin. Older patients usually have a combination of loose skin and fat. At Skin Renewal we offer combinations of non-surgical treatments that reduce fat cells and tighten skin such as:

·     Carboxytherapy

·     Titan

·     Exilis Elite

·     RF Needling Endymed Intensif or Secret RF

·     3DEEP RF with Endymed Minishaper

·     Lavatron Monopolar RF

·     Titania Monopolar RF

·     ND:Yag Skin Tightening

·     Ceccarelli

·     Threads

·     Mesotherapy

The sooner these procedures are started to improve collagen levels and decrease fat content in the problem areas, the better the long term outcome and anti-ageing effects will be. As each patient's case is different; we will tailor a treatment program specifically for you and your circumstances.

A highly professional team led by a medical doctor assesses every patient and an appropriate combination treatment together with long term maintenance program is recommended. Every client is provided with a fully customised solution dependant on expectations, budget, time and medical history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well done on your weight loss achievement! Unfortunately, it does take a very long time for the skin to recover after such weight loss, and in some cases, it will not fully recover at all unless you are prepared to have some skin tightening treatments. There are quite a few options available to you, including: Carboxytherapy, Titan, Exilis Elite, RF Needling Endymed Intensif or Secret RF, 3DEEP RF with Endymed Minishaper, Lavatron Monopolar RF, Titania Monopolar RF, ND:Yag Skin Tightening, Ceccarelli and Mesotherapy. It is advisable to have proper consult with one of our doctors to be able to advise you accordingly.


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