Laser Vein Removal at a Glance

Best Results 2 - 4
Duration of Results Annual Maintenance
Treatment Recovery 1 - 3 days
Risks & Complications Medium
Anaesthetic None
Procedure Time 15 - 20 minutes per area
Skin Specialist Therapist
Back To Work Same day

Skin Renewal Tip

Laser Vein removal with the Nd:Yag is best for spider veins and small red spots (cherry angiomas) on the face and neck. For diffuse redness (rosacea) the treatment of choice is the Limelight procedure combined with Laser Genesis treatments or the Candela V-Beam. Six - Eight treatments are necessary for optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Vein Removal treatments are available in Johannesburg at FourwaysParkhurstMorningside, BedfordviewWest Rand, Waterfall and Illovo as well as in Pretoria at Brooklyn and Irene and in the Western Cape at Cape QuarterClaremontConstantiaStellenboschWillowbridgePaarl, and in KwaZulu-Natal at BallitoDurban & Umhlanga.

Both men and women are bothered by the appearance of body and facial spider veins. In the past electrocautery has been used to treat these veins but this modality often resulted in intolerable pain and sometimes scarring. Since the advent of lasers, the Nd:Yag has been used for the treatment of unwanted small and large veins up to 4 mm in thickness and a few treatments may be require to achieve an acceptable level of improvement.

We can offer you two treatment modalities for vein removal at Skin Renewal: a laser the CoolGlide Excel or the light based treatment the Acutip 500™ used to permanently reduce veins up to 4 mm anywhere on the face or body. We plan our treatments carefully to ensure the best cosmetic outcome.

In 2005, 2006 and 2007, in the USA, the Aesthetic Trends and Technologies Choice Awards™, nominated the Cutera Nd: YAG for the best laser for superficial leg veins for all skin types.

Virtually any area of the body that bothers you can be treated including facial areas such as around the nose and eyes, the mouth, cheeks and chin with speed and minimal discomfort.

Often, patients find that one treatment is sufficient for their vein removal needs (in small areas, such as on or around the nose). However, for optimal results, multiple treatments may be necessary for larger areas (such as the legs or if there are excessive dilated capillaries over the cheeks). If a vein goes completely away with treatment, it should not return, but occasionally the body reopens the vessel before it is completely reabsorbed or the vessel only partially responds.

Because of this we recommend that most people need 1 to 2 treatments that are 8-12 weeks apart.

With the laser treatments, there is some discomfort during the procedure that we try to minimize as best we can with our laser cooling tip. After the procedure is over, there is no discomfort.

There may be small pink bumps that resemble mosquito bites that can last a day or two, and the area may be sensitive to very hot water for up to 48hours after the treatment.

Uncommonly, a skin wound such as superficial blisters and scabs can occur, which heal within 2 days to 14 days. Use of antibiotic ointment on a regular basis usually results in uneventful healing. There is a <0.5% possibility of a skin wound leaving behind a permanent scar.

When we target bluer veins on the face, it is possible that a small amount of blood can "leak" out of the vessel before it is sealed resulting in a bruise or discoloration of the skin. Bruises are temporary and resolve in approximately 2 weeks. The risk increases if you take aspirin products or are on blood thinners.

Because blood contains iron, it is possible for a brownish discoloration to result. This is usually temporary but can occasionally last for many months. We can also use exfoliation treatments and lightening products to fade the area.

CoolGlide Excel laser treatments are an important part of the non-invasive approach to aesthetic improvement and at Skin Renewal, laser vein removal is included in the 3D Skin Rejuvenation™ package.

Laser vein removal can be safely combined with most aesthetic procedures such as Botox, Dermal fillers, Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels and other laser treatments, however we prefer not to do these in one area in the same session.

Due to its unique design and longer wavelength, CoolGlide Excel is one of the only lasers on the market that can treat men and women of all skin types 1 to 4 safely and effectively. Veins are typically not visible on the skin's surface in skin types 5 & 6.

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Review -Treatment and Staff at Skin Renewal Irene
Reviewed on 7 March 2018 by Mrs King from Irene

Staff were very friendly and helpful. Illona is a professional and extremely thoughtful lady. I am content with the treatment and result. All advice and recommendations were well worth it. Thank you.

Review -Mesoglow Facial at West Rand
Reviewed on 8 November 2016 by Lizette Kritzinger

wat n wonderlike, rustige en ontspanne ervaring. Behandeling was heerlik en personnel het lieflike geselskappe, hul is ook ingestel op my behoeftes en ervaringe.

Review -Deep Cleanse review
Reviewed on 7 November 2016 by Raven Dim

very insightful, very informative, relaxing, awesome experience

Review -Wax
Reviewed on 12 April 2016 by Anonymous

Lovely atmosphere - very calm and soothing. Sharon is a very friendly and well informed and knows a lot about your product and services. Looking forward to coming back and definately receiving more treatments

Review -Vein removal review
Reviewed on 1 August 2015 by John Heritage

Staff very friendly, diagnosis spot on. treatment was extremely professional and effective. The follow up after the treatment was appreciated and thoughtful.

Review -Painless vein removal
Reviewed on 20 May 2015 by A.A From Fourways

Beverly is the most professional young woman! I was very stressed for the process of vein removal, as I had my first treatment about 6-8 years ago - and it was so painful, I did not want to do it again. She managed my process, and the treatment was not painful at all.

Review -Skin Renewal delivers great results
Reviewed on 30 October 2014 by Anastacia Niholayenko

I have been coming to Skin Renewal in Fourways for a number of years now. Liezel has been my therapist I see every time and I cannot recommend her enough! Courteous, professional and in general fantastic. My experience with Skin Renewal always delivers great results, I feel truly taken care of and so does my skin!

Review -Disappearing veins
Reviewed on 11 September 2014 by Adriana Weilbach

Angelique is always very friendly and efficient and gives confidence that she knows her treatment very well. She is very professional and a pleasure to have as a consultant. The branch is well appointed and an inviting environment.

Review -Ilona at Irene excellent
Reviewed on 3 September 2014 by Surike Cooper

Excellent results which Ilona, I will be coming back to Irene for more treatments.

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