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Marionette Lines

As we age, there are dramatic changes that occur in the appearance, volume and integrity of the skin on the face. Volume is lost, the elasticity and firmness of young, healthy collagen and elastin diminish, and the lower face starts to lose definition. In the lower face, ageing is commonly seen as the formation of jowls, the thinning and drooping of the lip and mouth area, as well as wrinkles on the chin and neck.
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Another common concern (particularly for women) is the formation of marionette lines, also known as a "mouth frown".

These occur when upper and lower lip wrinkles develop and the corners of the mouth draw downwards, into what appears to be a permanent frown. It is then further exacerbated the formation of the deep, ingrained wrinkles that form at the corners of the mouth down towards the jawline. It gives the classic "puppet mouth" look, alluding to the name of marionette lines. These lines make us look permanently sad or upset.

In some instances, it may even result in a chronic irritation due to salivary overflow (a condition known as angular cheilitis).

At Skin Renewal, we effectively treat this onset of facial ageing by injecting dermal filler using the very successful MD Codes technique. Through a unique set of dermal filler placements, the marionette lines get visibly improved, turning that unwanted frown upside down!

All our Doctors at Skin Renewal have been extensively trained in the MD Codes technique and injecting dermal fillers for conditions such as these. An experienced and highly trained injector can make the difference between a good and a great result. The sooner this procedure is performed, the better the final result will be.


Dr Graham an Monique treatment at Willowbridge excellent


I have enjoyed a course of wonderful treatments managed by Dr Dominique. Laser results were amazing and all ongoing Filler & Botox maintenance..