The name sounds like “it could be cute and cuddly”, but NO! Bunny lines are those small, tiny diagonal wrinkles found on either side of the nose bridge. You will be able to see these clearly if you try to frown and “scrunch up your nose”. Those nasty creases that form when you do this (and sometimes take a little while to disappear after you stop animating), THOSE are bunny lines. Not so cute after all!

As with all dynamic expression lines, these bunny lines are typically caused by repeated facial movements in the area, like wrinkling your nose or frowning dramatically. Some people even wrinkle up their noses when they laugh, which will also contribute to these lines forming.

Bunny lines can also be visible after having botulinum toxin between your eyebrows. While bunny lines can simply be caused by ageing, they can also be a tell-tale sign that you've had botulinum treatment. An experienced injector will know how to look out for this and adapt treatment accordingly.  

Some people will use all their auxiliary muscles to frown. In either case, the underlying cause is the same: the overuse of specific facial muscles and these bunny lines can be relaxed with a touch of neurotoxins.

So be very picky about who you allow to inject your face with aesthetic treatments such as botulinum and dermal fillers.

Great injectors will know that the best way to treat bunny lines is to administer a very tiny amount of botulinum toxin on either side of the nose to smooth these lines. The effects of this treatment are visible within about two weeks and can last for up to three months.

Are there other ways to treat the nose area?

In some cases, the shape of one’s nose and the angle of the nasal tip can go a long way to adding or detracting from lines and nose wrinkles. By using specialised injection techniques with monofilament threads, peako threads and well placed dermal filler, the experienced injector is able to make the nose look longer, slimmer, neatly shaped and reduce the ability of the muscles to crinkle and wrinkle therefore making bunny lines much less dramatic and much less visible. 

It is also extremely important to strengthen and support the skin by means of a good skincare regimen to ensure the elasticity, firmness, strength and the snap-back ability of the skin is excellent. This goes a long way to prevent the signs of ageing from creeping up so quickly. Monthly maintenance treatments to ensure the skin is in good condition are equally important, to ensure that the strength and quality of the skin is maintained.

Starting with preventative botulinum injections, the moment you become aware of the fact that you are getting bunny lines goes a long way to prevent these lines from becoming more pronounced and permanent. This will also help you to stop performing the gestures that cause these lines from becoming ingrained.

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