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Lip Enhancement

As we age, our lips start to thin and demonstrate less fullness and projection. We begin to lose dental and structural support in the lower face and experience volume loss. This process is called soft tissue atrophy, and it commonly affects the lips and corners of the mouth. As these areas become less plump, they wrinkle, and the mouth starts to sag. It is not uncommon to develop an ingrained mouth frown, which is an unwanted sign of ageing which tends to give an "angry" look to the facial features.
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Another common sign of ageing around the mouth is smoker's lines or vertical lip wrinkles. It affects the skin of the top lip (aka "barcode lines"), resulting from the constant use of certain facial expressions such as the pursing of the lips, chewing, sipping from a straw or bottle, and even talking. These wrinkles can become evident from an early age, especially if we have an overactive muscle around the mouth.

Lip enhancement has gained much popularity since the '90s: people, both young and old, desire fuller, more sensual lips. The lips have always been associated with female sexuality, and women who possess large, full lips are thought to be more physically desirable.

The standard go-to for lip rejuvenation is usually the injection of dermal fillers. However, at Skin Renewal, we take a multi-level approach to aesthetic lip rejuvenation. We have many treatment modalities available that can be used in combination to achieve superior results.

Some of the treatment options that we can combine include the following:


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