Cutaneous ageing signs such as discolouration become visible from as early as the twenties, especially with excessive sun or environmental exposure.

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Between the ages of 35 to 49 years, there is a sharp increase in prevalence of skin changes, clearly ascribable to photo-aging such as pigmented spots and discolouration of the skin. Awareness of the damaging effect of UV radiation on the body and sun avoidance and protection before the age of twenty will help reduce the risks for developing discolouration lesions later in life.

Ageing skin unsettles women more than men because society believes a woman loses her attractiveness once visible signs of facial ageing set in. Characteristics of an aging skin (on the face or body) include, fine and coarse wrinkle formation, pigmentation changes, sallow colour, dry texture, loss of elasticity, loss of skin tone, sagging subcutaneous tissues, underlying muscle hypertrophy and volume loss.

Ageing skin is associated with a range of cosmetic concerns - from pigmentation problems and splotchy skin to redness due to enlarged vessels or capillaries, all causing discolouration of the skin especially on sun exposed areas such as the face, neck and décolleté. Photo ageing caused by ultraviolet light exposure, tends to act more on the surface of the skin. There are sun freckles or irregular pigmentation and dilated blood vessels (often referred to as "broken" blood vessels) that lead to an overall uneven tone and discolouration.

Home therapies:

At Skin Renewal we offer traditional topical home therapies such as AHAs, PHAs, Retinoids, potent Anti-Oxidants that protect against infra red A. This also includeds topical treatments containing pigmentation inhibitors (tyrosinase inhibitors) and Hydroquinone to treat discolouration as well as recent advances in pigmentation technology. Skin Renewal offers the latest and best in product technology when treating pigmentation.

Amongst these well researched and well published products are:

Enlighten (by Neostrata) and Luminesce (by Lamelle), to name a few.

In Office therapies:

At Skin Renewal, with the introduction of photo-rejuvenation treatments and exfoliation treatments such as Pearl™ laser, Limelight™, Candela V-Beam, Laser Genesis and various chemical peeling options, virtually any patient can be a candidate for a brightening of their skin, depending on the area.

As each patient's case is different; we will tailor a treatment program specifically for you and your circumstances. A highly professional team led by a medical doctor assesses every patient and an appropriate combination treatment, together with long term maintenance program is recommended. The new concept today is to start with photo rejuvenation devices and preventative products early, so as to prevent the deterioration of skin colour and texture as one gets older.

Frequently Asked Questions

A new concept in accelerated skin ageing and discoloration is infra red A. Infra red A is found in any visible light that emits heat such as sunlight, fluorescent lights, computer screens, hair dryers etc. Normal sunscreen/SPF does not protect against infra red A. Topically applied topical anti oxidants such as Vit C, Vit E, Phloretin and Ferulic acid protect against infra red A. Any successful discoloration treatment plan should include the topical anti oxidants mentioned above.

In addition, the success in the treatment of any discolouration and/or pigmentation changes also relies on the client’s awareness and requires them to be diligent in applying sun protection to the face, neck and décolleté on a daily basis. This may require making positive lifestyle changes, such as always wearing a hat, using sunglasses and generally limiting sun exposure.

Without a shadow of a doubt, sunlight is the largest single source of vitamin D 3 for most people. It is important to not expose yourself to too much sun, as this can be harmful too. It has been calculated that if you expose your skin to sun in a bathing suit long enough to produce slight redness of the skin, you'll produce the equivalent of 10,000-25,000 IU of oral vitamin D. Just five to ten minutes in the sun two to three times a week, exposing your hands, legs, and arms, is more than adequate to satisfy your vitamin D requirements, and you're not likely to significantly increase your risk of skin cancer in the process. After your five to ten minutes of sun exposure, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen of minimum SPF 50 for the rest of your time in the sun. The good news is that you can't overdose on the vitamin D manufactured by your skin.

Quite simply, it directly and indirectly influences most of what happens in our bodies every second of every day. Vitamin D 3 isn’t actually a vitamin. Rather, it’s a hormone precursor, the active component of which Calcitriol (the actual hormone) attaches to more than 2,700 sites on the human genome, and it turns on more than 1,000 genes, prompting them to do their jobs. In fact, Vitamin D 3 probably affects every disease the body can contract. The evidence is particularly strong when it comes to vitamin D’s role in resisting infection, maintaining bone and muscle, and reducing cancer risks. It are these fundamental roles of vitamin D 3 that affect our risk for so many different diseases.

It’s definitely the best idea to first establish exactly WHAT changes you wish to see on your skin, and then choose your skin care products accordingly. There is a lot to be said for “cherry picking” the best combination of products to give you the changes in your skin that you want to see. I’m going to have to generalise in your case, because I have not seen your particular skin for myself. Generally I find that Indian patients struggle with pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Being younger, I would say in terms of that particular issue, you need to focus on prevention and maintenance. So I would recommend something with anti-oxidants and tyrosinase inhibitors to start evening out skin tone and a good SPF to apply in the mornings. Then, I would suggest at night, you use something to deal specifically with the oiliness and the breakouts. There are some fantastic product options available to you within the medical ranges that are of a high quality and have high doses of properly formulated actives to specifically work on these types of concerns. If you would like to have a look at some of your product options, please visit our online store for options and pricing. 

The challenge with pigmentation, is that it will always require lifelong management. This is why the remedies you have tried thus far only work temporarily. The aim is to use a product that will suppress the skin cells that make pigment from continuously making more pigment, while at the same time, using products that will prevent pigment darkening. So you need to start by using a good quality facial SPF on a daily basis for prevention, and at the same time, start using a pigment inhibitor such to suppress pigment formation. For the pigment that is already present, your best option is to have a few treatments to help you remove as much of this as possible. A combination of chemical peels and some transdermal mesotherapy can certainly help you (this also depends on how severe the problem is – so having a one on one consultation is always best). 


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