As one ages, the loss of collagen, the effects of gravity and the predominance of the brow depressor muscles in the forehead, can cause our brows to droop, creating an aged look.

Brow Lift at a Glance

Best Results 8-12 Treatments
Duration of Results Up to 6 months
Treatment Recovery None
Risks & Complications Low to none
Procedure Time 15-60 Mins (depending on area)
Skin Specialist Therapist
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Also, the eyebrows tend to lose their arch, becoming more horizontal as we age. Brow lifting treatments aim to combat the laxity of the skin. Specifically, in the forehead and the area above the eyebrows, the weakening and slackening of the skin play a huge role in the brow area dropping into this elongated, horizontal shape. This can result in a sad look or even the appearance of drooping eyelids.

brow lift

The option of surgery for brow lifting can be risky, costly, and in some cases, even intimidating.

At Skin Renewal, we have many non-surgical options to improve and lift sagging and drooping brows.

These treatment options include:

  • Chemical brow lifting - botulinum injections are used to recreate a more arched, youthful brow
  • Liquid facelift - the use of strategically placed dermal filler, botulinum toxin, and mesotherapy. They produce similar results to a traditional brow lift but without the surgery
  • Thread lift - placement of the correct lifting threads to re-position and lift the brow area
  • Laser lifting - the use of advanced, long-pulsed ND: Yag skin tightening techniques to tighten, firm, and lift the skin. Treatment is done on the forehead and above the brows to enhance brow lifting
  • Radiofrequency - using skin tightening devices such as Exilis, Titania, and Lavatron
  • Carboxytherapy - skin tightening treatments to tighten and lift the skin on the forehead and above the brows
  • Titan treatments - treatments are done with the Cutera Titan device which creates a similar effect to radiofrequency lifting and tightening treatments

At Skin Renewal, we try to target the problem at various levels, using a combination of the modalities mentioned above to give the most comprehensive solution. This unique concept ensures that the results last for as long as possible.

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