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Cutera Lasers

CUTERA Inc. is a global provider of Medical laser & light aesthetic systems for the Face and Body. At Skin Renewal, we have the latest range of Class 4 (Medical class) Cutera Xeo products at our branches, which offer clinically proven laser and light-based modules, customisable at any time, to best match any medical practice with any patient demographic.

More than 92% of laser and light-based treatments can be addressed with Xeo. It combines the clinical advantages of laser and light-based technologies with the versatility of specifications to offer the most customisable skin rejuvenation treatments on the market. The Xeo platform is also the perfect device to treat all skin types ranging from Type 1 (very light) up to Type 6 (very dark).

The Cutera Xeo is designed to give doctors and therapists the power to be able to adapt and tailor treatments to patient skin condition, skin type and addresses a wide range of aesthetic concerns such as these mentioned below;


Different applications using the Cutera Xeo:



Being on screen and dealing with chicken pox spots on one's face, can definitely curb your confidence. With the help of these beautiful trained professionals, quality products and treatments - my face has its natural glow back in just a few months & spots have completely disappeared. Words can't explain, how I feel. Thank you