Meet the Support Staff

The Support team is duplicated in the Gauteng Region, as well as in the Western Cape, with an extended arm in KwaZulu-Natal, but operate as one cohesive team. The ultimate purpose of this team is to serve to the branches and fulfill various functions, to ensure our clinics operate at an optimal and constant level across the country. Support members are each responsible for individual tasks, but in essence the goal of this team is to support other staff and assist in creating a cohesive and encouraging working environment.

These duties include, but are not limited to: operational matters; staff training & testing to ensure our therapists & doctors knowledge is constantly updated and implemented correctly to give the best possible treatment; human resource matters; handling of stock and financial assistance; client relations and branch evaluations to ensure consistency in maintaining standards of the highest quality; as well as on-going marketing and administrative support.

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Lindi Scheffers National Training Manager
Rentia Jacobs Cape Town Support Team
Rachelle Valente Cape Town Marketing Team
Anika Krige CT Regional Trainer
Janine Pfister Project Manager
Jenna Broom KZN Regional Trainer
Dr Marissa Stadler Managerial Support of Health Renewal
Kim Goldstone GP Regional Trainer
Danica Bloomberg Project Manager
Anika Smal Regional Trainer
Marietjie Smit National Manager - Sleep Renewal