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Jeanette Van Staaden

Jeanette Van Staaden

Somatology - CIDESCO, SAAHSP, Steiner Management Diploma

Jeanette embarked on her profound journey in Health and Skincare at the illustrious Isa Carstens Academy in the historic town of Stellenbosch, marking her accomplishment in 2010. The world beckoned, and she navigated the vast oceans aboard the grandest luxury cruise liners, working cohesively with a dedicated team of 49 professionals for a memorable three-year tenure.

Driven by her relentless pursuit of excellence, Jeanette then journeyed to the global hubs of London and Miami, adding a spa management diploma from the eminent Steiner institution to her already impressive repertoire. With this newfound knowledge, she showcased her leadership acumen by adeptly managing her own team aboard a boutique luxury cruise liner.

Upon her return to the shores of South Africa, Jeanette's expertise found its home at a prominent aesthetic clinic. For an illustrious nine years, she steered its operations with finesse, climbing the ladder of success to embrace the esteemed role of Director of Operations. Within this role, Jeanette seamlessly orchestrated the daily intricacies for an ensemble of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and aesthetic therapists and was instrumental in establishing two new thriving branches.

In 2023, Jeanette's journey took a fresh turn as she became an integral part of the Skin Renewal fraternity, joining the ranks of the esteemed Support Team. At Skin Renewal, her visionary approach will see her collaborating intensively with the operations team, bringing special projects to fruition.

Jeanette's leadership ethos resonates deeply with her belief: "When entrusted with leadership, it isn't about donning a crown; it's about the profound responsibility to elevate and inspire those around you to their utmost potential."