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Wound healing

Wound healing, or wound repair, is the body's natural process of regenerating dermal and epidermal tissue after an injury to the skin.

When an individual is wounded, a set of complex biochemical events takes place in a closely orchestrated cascade to repair the damage. These events overlap in time and may be categorised into separate steps:

1.   the inflammatory phase,

2.   the proliferative phase, and

3.   the remodelling phase

However, these processes are not only complex but fragile, and susceptible to interruption or failure leading to the formation of chronic non-healing wounds. Factors which may contribute to this include diabetes, venous or arterial disease, old age, and infection.

At Skin Renewal we offer a number of effective in office treatments for wound healing, including:

These treatments can also be used safely and effectively with no complications against conditions as persistent and difficult to treat such as psoriasis and in wound healing for diabetic and venous insufficiency ulcers.

Treatments with electrical stimulation such as the Transdermal Mesotherapy can also improve the healing process.

As each patient's case is different; we will tailor a treatment program specifically for you and your circumstances.


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The team of ladies at SRC are all amazing! They're always friendly, kind, accommodating and professional. I thoroughly enjoy our time together and always leave their company renewed and refreshed! I'd highly recommend their Skin Renewal treatments, products and Ozone Therapy.