3D Liquid Facelift at a Glance

Best Results 1 - 2
Duration of Results 12 months
Treatment Recovery 2 - 3 days
Risks & Complications Low - medium
Anaesthetic Ice/Topical
Procedure Time 30 - 60 mins
Skin Specialist Doctor
Back To Work Next day

Frequently Asked Questions

3D Liquid Facelift treatments are available in Johannesburg at FourwaysParkhurstMorningside, BedfordviewWest Rand, Waterfall and Illovo as well as in Pretoria at Brooklyn and Irene and in the Western Cape at Cape QuarterClaremontConstantiaStellenboschWillowbridgePaarl, and in KwaZulu-Natal at BallitoDurban & Umhlanga.

The 3D Liquid Facelift is a facial contouring procedure that involves the use of strategically placed injectable wrinkle reduction treatments and dermal fillers around the face. The 3D Liquid Facelift, also known as the 3D Vector Facelift, is the latest cutting edge technology in Europe. Dr. Maureen Allem brought this technique back to her practice after attending the Monte Carlo congress in 2011. 3D Vectoring is used to accomplish a safer 3D Liquid Facelift by use of cannulas instead of needles. Blunt-tip cannulas represent a paradigm shift in the injection techniques used by aesthetic physicians who perform injectable filler treatments. Cannulas have varying flexibility giving the physician accuracy in dermal filler placement and result in significantly less bruising as well as a less painful procedure compared to traditional hypodermic needles.

This "injectable facelift" can create a younger, plumper look and address concerns such as lines, wrinkles, volume loss and sagging. This "injectable facelift" has been making a noticeable impact in aesthetic medicine during the past few years. It is typically more subtle than surgery and an increasing number of individuals are trying 3D Liquid Facelift procedures before traditional face lift procedures.

Traditional surgical techniques lift the face by pulling the skin upwards and outwards. With 3D Vectoring the skin is lifted by strategic placement of volume using dermal fillers. The 3D Liquid Facelift is further enhanced with the use of injectable treatmentst for wrinkle reduction.

Using Cannulas for dermal filler placement decreases trauma to the tissues making the treatment safer with far less bruising than regular dermal filler injection techniques. It is almost pain free.

If thirty-year-olds + opt for preventative non invasive procedures such as the 3D Liquid Facelift , a new trend will develop resulting in a much different type of ageing than older generations. The risks are far less than those of surgical approaches, and the results are impressive aesthetically. The 3D Liquid Facelift offers a valuable space in between the minor improvement with topicals and the major expense, downtime and risk associated with surgery.

When we are younger, the brow and jaw line elevators are more prominent and the face appears constantly elevated. As we age, the dynamics change and the depressors take over and combined with gravity, a gradual sagging of our brow and jawline takes place. If we can keep the dynamics between elevators and depressors neutral with strategically placed injections every 4 to 6 months, then the sagging that occurs with ageing will be reduced. Once the treatment "kicks" in 10 days later, the face takes on a relaxed and refreshed look and one's face appears to glow.

Injectable treatments are safe and effective and have been approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. Injectable wrinkle reduction has become the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure and has been used for more than 10 years in aesthetic practice and more than 20 years in neurology and ophthalmology. There are many publications supporting its use. It has a long and impressive safety record.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are produced by human genes inserted into a bacterium for reproduction (Juvederm™, Restylane ™ and Perlane™). It is a highly "conserved" protein, meaning that its genetic composition is almost exactly the same in 97% of animal species. This gives an extremely low incidence of allergic reactions; hence there is no need for pre-treatment skin testing.

Treatments should be injected at a physician's office by an experienced and trained medical doctor with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the muscular anatomy of the face as well as the aesthetic implications of proper placement. The final outcome and side effects of a 3D Liquid Facelift procedure will be minimized by an experienced injector and the use of the 3D Vector procedure using Cannulas as opposed to injections.

Yes, all skin types can be treated with the 3D Liquid Facelift

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Review -Extremely professional
Reviewed on 18 August 2018 by Anonymous

My therapist was extremely professional and kept me informed through the facial of what she was doing and the benefits. It is always a pleasure having a treatment with her.

Review -Willing to assist
Reviewed on 18 August 2018 by Anonymous

My overall experience is amazing. My therapist is very good at what she does. She explains procedures before they done and she always ensures That I am comfortable.

Review -Very happy
Reviewed on 10 August 2018 by Anonymous

Very happy, a pleased person always helpful.

Review -Fabulous
Reviewed on 4 August 2018 by Anonymous

Dr Maureen is very professional and knowledgeable, thoroughly explains what she is doing and gives advise on future/other treatments that would be beneficial

Review -Not a line to be seen!
Reviewed on 5 January 2017 by Theresa

After a few attempts by leading medical aesthetics doctors, including a plastic surgeon - they were unable to successfully remove the forehead lines with Botox. I was advised I need fillers there as my skin is too thin for effective Botox (I am over 60).

Well, Dr. Maureen sorted it our in one 10minute session. Not a line to be seen!! Two months later it still looks amazing!

Review -My therapist- Kayla
Reviewed on 22 July 2016 by Cleo Magagane

I am really pleased with the treatment I am receiving. It's good to see results when you have invested in a certain routine and products. More-over I am very happy with the treatment I received from my therapist Kayla, especially the advice she has given over the past few months in terms of effectively dealing with my skin.

I appreciate the comfortable environment she has created, especially for people with skin conditions. It's very east to be self-conscious but to gave a great therapist helps.

Review -Lizanne is Amazing - Thank you
Reviewed on 14 July 2014 by Anonymous

Thank you so much for the gift vouchers, and for the treat today. And, please thank Lizanne from me. She is amazing. I love her treatments, and she is so kind and caring!

Review -Natural results: my face never looked better
Reviewed on 5 December 2013 by Anonymous

I would like to give some feedback about Dr. Graham. I normally get my botox and fillers in Zürich, I have been at both of the most famous plastic surgeons who do these kind of treatments. Also had some in Milan, Italy, so had some experience at one of the best clinics. I have to say that Dr. Graham is very professional, even the way he does the treatments. My husband is against these kind of injections but he told me yesterday that my face 'never looked better'. I am very happy with the natural result which really could not be better.

Sharon Izak Elaine Chat staff ) WhatsApp