While there are many changes that occur in the face as we age, one of the most bothersome to many patients and one of the first areas to show signs of ageing is the changes that occur in the neck.

Even so, women often place such focus on treating the skin on their face that they neglect this prominent region, leading to mismatched skin appearance. Sun damage, together with prolonged perfume, application is the most profound factor in development of ageing of the neck. Signs of an ageing neck are: horizontal wrinkles, actinic bronzing (permanently bronzed skin), reddened skin (poikiloderma), age spots, and the development of vertical neck bands, loose sagging skin, loss of a good sharp neck angle and the development of a double chin or turkey neck . Fine textural lines scattered over the surface are partly due to the loss of collagen's integrity. Finally, there is laxity from the loss of elastic fibers.

In the male, the ageing neck poses some different issues. They often have more skin excess and the facelift incisions that are used in females have to be altered to account for the male beard pattern. In addition, males have a much greater tendency towards some relapse after facelift surgery due to their thicker and heavier skin. Men also have a much greater aversion to major facelift surgery and may opt for non-surgical tightening procedures such as 3D Skin Rejuvenation with Titan®™ and TriPollar™.

At Skin Renewal, our neck rejuvenation treatments offer a solution to those looking to restore a youthful appearance to their neck. As an ageing neck is a multi layered problem the packages offer a combination of treatments that will treat all of the ageing problems mentioned above.

As ageing necks are a multi layered problem the Neck Rejuvenation packages offer a combination of treatments that will treat all of the ageing problems mentioned above. A highly professional team led by a medical doctor assesses every patient and an appropriate combination treatment together with long term maintenance program is recommended. Every client is provided with a fully customised solution dependant on expectations, budget, time and medical conditions.

Skin Renewal Tip

To improve a red & brown mottled neck which is distressing to most women, a fourth generation IPL or photo rejuvenation treatment called Limelight™ will shrink the tiny red veins causing the diffuse redness and also destroy the melanin which causes the mottled brown appearance. A series of 3 to 4 treatments is indicated for best results.


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Review -Soos n vakansie
Reviewed on 6 July 2018 by Anonymous

Om na Skin Renewal te kom is vir my soos n klein vakansie. Die personeel is warm, vriendelik en profesioneel. My terapeut Candice, ontvang my altyd so vriendelik. Sy het fantastiese kennis in haar veld en kan altyd al my vrae beantwoord. Haar aanslag is sag maar ferm en sy weet wat sy doen. Sy is regtig n aanwins vir SR en ek is bly sy is my terapeut!

Review -Delighted with Results!
Reviewed on 9 December 2015 by Sam

The doctor has treated me exceptionally in the past 4 months! I have had fillers, threads and Botox. He has been amazingly caring, gentle and I am delighted with the results! I cannot recommend him more highly!

Review -Absolutely phenomenal!
Reviewed on 4 December 2015 by L.J from Parkhurst

I have been coming to Skin Renewal in Parkhurst for a few years. The therapist has been my skincare consultant and has been absolutely phenomenal. She is a prefectionist who always puts her clients needs first and takes the time to make you feel comfortable and explaings everything to ensure that you don't have any anxiety. She is very knowledgeable and advises the best treatment for you. She listens to your needs and ahs a sparkling/charming personality. You will not go wrong with her!

Review -Will never change to any other!!
Reviewed on 25 June 2015 by Youla Cohen

I have always only had the best advice and treatments. Staff are always the most welcoming too.

Review -My husband noticed the difference immediately

Dear potential Silhouette client,

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a candidate to facilitate Doctor training for this procedure. I was quite apprehensive however my nerves were very quickly calmed in the very capable hands of the doctor. I had Silhouette threads inserted into the jawline and neck. The procedure was performed by Dr Maureen, which was completely painless and two other Doctors learning to do the procedure on the left side which due to their inexperience was a little uncomfortable but manageable.

The jawline results are great and has restored definition to my face. My husband noticed the difference immediately. The sides of my neck line is very slightly improved. I will need additional threading in the neckline to get a further improvement.

I look forward to the ongoing improvement this treatment promises.

Review -Tammy is pleasant, kind and professional!
Reviewed on 9 September 2014 by Anonymous

So far I have had two treatments with Tammy. The first was 'n peel and Laser Genesis and the 2nd was a therapist Dermapen treatment. Tammy works very thorough and takes her time with all actions (whether is is cleansing, putting on a mask or preparing for a laser treatment or dermapen). She informed me well about treatments and prepares you before she starts with something new. I feel very comfortable with Tammy, she is pleasant, kind and professional. The best I have ever had!