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Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV

Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV People have dark hair and light Mediterranean olive-looking skin; beige with a light brown tint. They typically tan with ease and seldom get burned. Their risk to develop skin cancer is less than those with skin types I-III, but still present. They should therefore still take care, use sunscreen and protect themselves from harmful UV rays as extreme sun exposure can result in serious damage, uneven skin tone, premature ageing, and possible skin cancers.

Fitzpatrick skin type scale

Skin type IV -can be prone to an overactive production of melanin following sun exposure which can result in the uneven pigmentation of melasma especially if they are on hormonal therapy such as the oral contraceptive or during pregnancy.

Those with a higher level of skin type such as skin type IV -can be prone to an overactive production of melanin following certain light and laser skin rejuvenation treatments or laser hair removal and thus proper preparation of the skin and sun avoidance is recommended prior to aesthetic treatments such as laser/light and peels. This can help prevent permanent discoloration or scarring of the skin.

Fitzpatrick skin type 4

Best skincare practices for Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV

  • Minimise sun damage 
  • Even out pigmentation 
  • Reverse age-related changes like wrinkles
  • Check for skin cancers

In general, skin type IV has a medium risk for skin problems (e.g. skin discoloration, blotchiness, darkening or lightening of the skin, burns, scarring) following aesthetic treatments.

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