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Syringomas are harmless eccrine sweat duct tumours, typically found clustered on the eyelids, although they may also be found in the armpits, abdomen, chest, neck, scalp or groin area. These are non-cancerous lesions, most commonly occurring in women, but men can also get them. They can make the eyelid look heavier and aged and “bumpy”, and it is therefore quite common to elect to have them removed.

In Office treatment:

Since Syringomas are non-cancerous, they do not have to be treated. They do, however, increase in number and size as one ages and it is for these reasons that patients want them treated.

At Skin Renewal, Syringomas are can be treated with:

It is important to note that removing these can result in severe swelling of the eyelids, but the procedure is generally well-tolerated and healing (ie swelling to go down and scabbing to fall off) generally occurs within 7 – 14 days. Complete healing and normalised skin in the treated area may take 4-12 weeks as the itching or sensitivity post-treatment subsides, and the skin colour returns to normal.

Side effects of removal may include skin discolouration which usually fades, provided the skin is pre-treated and prepared with a tyrosinase inhibiting preparation product (this needs to be used for a couple of weeks prior to treatment). It is also important to note that if the lesions are very large, removing them may result in small scars and even permanent skin spots that are lighter than the normal skin colour.


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