The most common male health concerns that come out during health screening is not always signs of age, but problems like weight gain, loss of muscle man, feeling tired, not being able to keep up the pace at work, gym or in the bedroom. All of these including losing your hair can be diagnosed and linked to a reason, such as common diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, but also low testosterone, prostate problems, skin problems like acne and redness, even unwanted hair, most can be treated with very great success, using natural supplementation and without being medicated too much.


Excessive sweating can be very common and can affect the armpits, hands and feet, or parts of the face. Surgical options are very invasive with long downtime and we have seen life changing results if wet armpits can be treated to give your confidence back.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required

  • Dysport (an average of one treatment every 4-5 months is required)


Enlarged breast tissue in a man can certainly result in any number of issues. It is not always due to a disease but it can lead to loss of confidence, and forcing the sufferer to change their lifestyle where they can’t even face taking off their shirt at the beach, for example. It is very important to get a diagnosis and if nothing pathological is going on in your body it can be treated via non-surgical or surgical means.

Moobs Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required

Testosterone Imbalances

Testosterone can be responsible for lots of symptoms and signs in a man. Usually, it decreases, resulting not necessarily in sexual dysfunction, but muscle loss, no stamina, no energy, sleeping badly and weight gain. It is vital to get advice, get this measured and discuss treatment with your doctor to get your levels where they should be.


Impotence is more common than you would believe, and can be a result of stress, injury after surgery, but also a red light to screen for blood vessel disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. Testosterone must also be tested and this huge problem can also result in life changing improvement in life quality and to stop shying away from having sex.

Impotence Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required

Hair Loss

Hair loss, in most men, is inherited, but just because you have a bald father does not mean it is your destiny to have the same issue. Male patterns of hair loss can be diagnosed as a scalp problem like alopecia areata, eczema, psoriasis or infection but if no organic reason is found, it is important to start treatment to maintain your hair follicles to live longer and produce a better quality of hair shaft that will stop the follicle from dying and even wake ones up that are “lazy”.

Hair Loss Treatment Options & Number of Treatments Required

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