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Skin Renewal Parkhurst Aesthetic Clinic is situated on 6th Street in the hub of Parkhurst and serves Craighall, Parkview, Parktown North, Dunkeld, Rosebank, Greenside, Emmerentia, Linden, Craighall Park and Hyde Park. The clinic is managed by doctors who are experienced in Anti-Ageing, Aesthetic and Integrative Medicine. They are supported by a staff of qualified and experienced technicians, nurses and therapists who provide a wide range of treatments to clients. Read More

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Donné Louw Assistant Manager
Anele Lushaba Assistant Manager
Kelly Uren Therapist
Marisa Houston Therapist
Abigail Mokoena Therapist

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Review -"My therapist- Kayla"
Reviewed on 22 July 2016 by Cleo Magagane

I am really pleased with the treatment I am receiving. It's good to see results when you have invested in a certain routine and products. More-over I am very happy with the treatment I received from my therapist Kayla,especially the advice she has given over the past few months in terms of effectively dealing with my skin.

I appreciate the comfortable environment she has created, especially for people with skin conditions. It's very east to be self-conscious but to gave a great therapist helps.

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Review -"Delighted with Results!"
Reviewed on 9 December 2015 by Sam

The doctor has treated me exceptionally in the past 4 months! I have had fillers, threads and Botox. He has been amazingly caring, gentle and I am delighted with the results! I cannot recommend him more highly!

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Review -"A fabulous uplifting outcome!"
Reviewed on 7 December 2015 by D.B from Fourways

I enjoyed a fabulous, relaxing hour with the lovely team and experienced my first ever facial at 63! She is an excellent therapist and her own journey in life was a treat to hear. Her tender heart is a gift, she passes on. Thank you! Dr Maureen inspires one with her beautiful soul and sees something one is not aware of and blesses us with her magic! A fabulous uplifting outcome. Thank you so much! It's truly amazing!

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Review -"Absolutely phenomenal!"
Reviewed on 4 December 2015 by L.J from Parkhurst

I have been coming to Skin Renewal in Parkhurst for a few years. The therapist has been my skincare consultant and has been absolutely phenomenal. She is a prefectionist who always puts her clients needs first and takes the time to make you feel comfortable and explaings everything to ensure that you don't have any anxiety. She is very knowledgeable and advises the best treatment for you. She listens to your needs and ahs a sparkling/charming personality. You will not go wrong with her!

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Review -"Has taken a beautiful shape!"
Reviewed on 27 November 2015 by S.M from Parkhurst

Dr Maureen,

Since my accident in 2011 you have done astonishing work on me, you have never cease to amaze me. What you have done with my Nose is amazing, although it has not settled yet (only did it yesterday) but I hope it will only get better. It is still uncomfortable and painful, but believe has taken a beautiful shape. I am happy as always.

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Review -"Extremely friendly!"
Reviewed on 26 November 2015 by Yana Clara

Extremely friendly and thorough when making an appointment as well as being fully informative.

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Review -"​I have been coming here for years!"
Reviewed on 26 November 2015 by Chauke

I have been coming here for years now and been with Kelly throughout. I am very pleased with her work and have been seeing great results as well. She is professional as well as really relaxed, calm and makes the experience really special all the time.

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Review -"I feel fabulous when I leave!"
Reviewed on 22 November 2015 by Patrille van Wyk

Kelly is fantastic! Porfessional yet warm and personable. I love my visit to Skin Renewal - it's pure pleasure. Relaxing yet invigorating and I feel fabulous when I leave!

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Review -"Already see great results!"
Reviewed on 20 November 2015 by G.A from Parkhurst

I've been at Skin Renewal for two month and already see great results. The combination of inside and outside skin treatments differentiates it from other skin specialists I've been to. Kelly is great and attentive!

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Review -"Empathetic & Deeply Impressive!"
Reviewed on 19 November 2015 by B.P from Parkhurst

I was so apprehensive to engage in any tightening and for other procedures. I was highly fortunate to have been recommended to a therapist at Parkhurst who is extremely professional and brilliant at what she does, empathetic and deeply impressive. I feel blessed to embark on my journey "back" to youth with her!

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Review -"Relaxed environment, friendly and efficient staff!"
Reviewed on 5 November 2015 by Faheema Khan

My skin feels much smoother. It has a natural glow and my moisturisers absorb quicker. The therapist had always been informative and explained all the treatments prior to them beginning. Relaxed environment, friendly and efficient staff!

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Review -"Happy with my treatments!"
Reviewed on 4 November 2015 by Natalie Morris

I have had a very good experience as I see The Parkhurst team. Overall I am very happy with my treatments with both. The front dest staff are great and very helpful.

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Review -"​Fantastic service & great staff!"
Reviewed on 15 October 2015 by Gina Gabriel

Fantastic service, great staff, appreciate the discounts and very professional! Getting a lot of attention from younger men...

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Review -"Energy of branch is so positive, it rubs off!"
Reviewed on 8 October 2015 by Pieter Erasmus

The energy of the branch is so positive, it rubs off on clients and staff alike. There is such a positive vibe and it's clear that clients are returning because of that. It looks like a place where people want to come and work. Thank you!

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Review -"Made me feel confident in myself!"
Reviewed on 7 October 2015 by A.M from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Kelly, my therapist is brilliant. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. The atmosphere at the clinic is calming and inviting. I felt nervous at first when i met with the doctor, but he was kind and made me feel confident in myself. Thank you Kelly, you are the bes and I'm so happy you were asigned to be my therapist!

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Review -"Results on my skin almost instantly!"
Reviewed on 1 October 2015 by Raashi Chauhan

Excellent results on my skin almost instantly. Thanks to Liza - going to mis her!

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Review -"Treatments speak for itself!"
Reviewed on 17 September 2015 by E.V from Parkhurst

My treatments with Lisa has always been a pleasure even where pain is involved. Liza is professional and really cares about her clients. She has always satisfied and even exceeded my expectations. There is nothing negative which I am able to say. I'd like to think that the results of her treatments speak for itself.

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Review -"Best facial I’ve ever had!"
Reviewed on 17 September 2015 by Riki Small-Smith

This is my fourth/fith time here and it's because it's the best facial I've ever had. Liza cleans even the faintest hint of a blackhead and proceeds to masks, massage my face and neck leaving me feeling heavenly!

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Review -"Very professional approach!"
Reviewed on 5 September 2015 by Marcel du Preez

I've been coming to Liza for facials, Laser Genesis and Carboxytherapy for ages. She has a very professional approach, yet always add the personal, homely touch. I'm always comfortable when she treats me. Liza definitely knows what she's doing - when I'm done with a session, it feels like I've just been at a spa for a whole day!

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Review -"Very professional, happy to recommend!"
Reviewed on 1 September 2015 by A.S from Parkhurst

Excellent treatment! Very professional, happy to recommend Liza & Skin Renewal in general.

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Review -"I feel 10 years younger!"
Reviewed on 29 July 2015 by Mandelene Wilmans

As a member of Adventure Boot Camp for Women, I won the monly prize of a Skin Renewal MesoGlow Facial, and I enjoyed every minute of my facial treatment. When I arrived at Parkhurst Skin Renewal, I was greeted by friendly smiling faces. Told that Lezel would be doing my treatment. Lezel then greeted me and explained the forms that needed to be filled in. I filled in the forms. Lezel then showed me to the treatment room. Explained what she need me to do. Room was nice and warm and inviting. Lezel started my treatment and explained what she was doing. It felt amazing. Lezel also was really gentle with extractions, I have had extractions before and it was really painful. She was amazing. Then came my favourite part the massage, after a hectic arm and shoulder workout, Lezel definitely has a magical touch. I really enjoyed the treatment, my skin felt amazing and wrinkles look less. Felt 10 years younger.

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Review -"Great results for my acne and skin tightening!"
Reviewed on 25 June 2015 by B.L From Parkhurst

The therapist at Parkhurst is an amazing therapist which also provides a wonderful service and is very professional.

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Review -"I look and feel rejuvenated"
Reviewed on 24 June 2015 by B.W from Craighall

I was quite anxious about having this procedure done as I have a phobia about needles! But my anxiety was quickly allayed. The doctors who do the threading are extremely professional and competent, and they work under the most hygienic conditions. I felt completely confident that I was receiving the best possible treatment. The only discomfort I felt was a slight sting as the topical anaesthic was applied, which lasted only a few brief moments. The threading itself, to my great surprise and delight, was completely painless! I had quite a number of threads done and noticed some swelling in a few areas immediately after the procedure, but that didn't last long. There was some bruising around my neck, however, I do bruise easily so was not at all concerned about it. It's been three weeks since I had the threading. I could see good results almost immediately afterwards and as each day goes by, the effects become more and more visible. My face has definitely lifted; I look younger and feel rejuvenated. People comment on it. Can't wait to see how much better I will look three months from now! Thanks to Skin Renewal for giving me this fresh new look!

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Review -"My husband noticed the difference immediately"

Dear potential Silhouette client,

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a candidate to facilitate Doctor training for this procedure. I was quite apprehensive however my nerves were very quickly calmed in the very capable hands of the doctor. I had Silhouette threads inserted into the jawline and neck. The procedure was performed by Dr Maureen, which was completely painless and two other Doctors learning to do the procedure on the left side which due to their inexperience was a little uncomfortable but manageable.

The jawline results are great and has restored definition to my face. My husband noticed the difference immediately. The sides of my neck line is very slightly improved. I will need additional threading in the neckline to get a further improvement.

I look forward to the ongoing improvement this treatment promises.

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Review -"Receiving numerous compliments daily"
Reviewed on 21 May 2015 by M.A from Parkhurst

I was excited to get my "lifting threads" done at Parkhurst. I am on the wrong side of fifty and am against surgery. I was a bit nervous to start off with, but I can honestly say that the doctor was amazing. I had 6 threads inserted on each side of my face. The only slight pain I felt was where she injected me with a local anaesthetic before inserting the threads. I felt no pain during the procedure and no bruising at all! It has been 4 weeks since my threadlift and I am receiving numerous compliments each day. The staff at Parkhurst were so professional. Thank you.

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Review -"Eczema almost healed!"
Reviewed on 20 May 2015 by Joanne Staniforth

After suffering with Eczema for 42 years it took one discussion with Maureen and a few weeks on a functional course of products, and everything was cleared up!! No more itching, horrible sores on my face, arms and legs. Thank you so much!

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Review -"The dreaded double chin"
Reviewed on 19 May 2015 by Mrs M.S from Parkhurst

I have suffered with a dreaded double chin for most of my adult life. A few extra pounds later, this had worsened since loose skin had also set in. Dr Marilyn suggested that I do a few skin tightening and fat reduction treatments with Exilis before placing a few threads into the area. 2 months after my Exilis procedure, I had 10 threads inserted into my double chin area. The procedure took all of 5 minutes and I was left with mild bruising on my neck afterwards. Thank you Dr Marilyn for a great procedure and great advice.

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Review -"Great relaxing treatment"
Reviewed on 9 March 2015 by M.P From Parkhurst

The treatment was relaxing and my skin feels clean, it glows as well. This is my second treatment with Liza, I will certainly be returning.

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Review -"Fantastic Treatment!"
Reviewed on 15 January 2015 by Vimra Govender

The therapist at Parkhurst is always refreshing, well versed in the benefits of the treatments. Makes us really look forward to our appointment and treats her clients as people. Her interaction and involvement in our skin health adds more than a personal touch, we actually feel like we are her only clients. Extremely the best therapy/therapist I have had.

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Review -"Highly recommended treatment"
Reviewed on 17 December 2014 by Leyya Kalla

After just one treatment of lasergenesis and Carboxy, my inflamed acne and nodules on my forehead and face reduced within the same day of treatment. I highly recommend the above treatment for acne related problems and the staff at Skin Renewal in Parkhurst are extremely helpful as well.

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Review -"Great , Holistic and Person-Centred Experience"
Reviewed on 24 October 2014 by Mandy Grobler

I had a great experience during my consultation with Dr Burt Jooste, he has a great bedside manner and a great ability to make a person feel great through the way he interacts. I felt very @ home if I can put it that way not having to sit and share my health concerns with a doctor who sits on the other side of his desk without any sign of interest shown. Very holistic Experience. He is a "go-getter" who works smart and not hard.

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Review -"Have been so happy"
Reviewed on 19 October 2014 by Mrs A. T.

I have been so with Happy with the service and treatments done by my therapist, Kelly! I have been a client for two years and will continue with Kelly hopefully for along time. I enjoy every session!!!

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Review -"So pleased with my treatment"
Reviewed on 27 September 2014 by Dale Hickey

This was my first Microdermabrasion and Facial. I was very pleased with the treatment and I booked a follow-up appointment.

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Review -"Excellent Treatments"
Reviewed on 27 September 2014 by Arida Van Bruggon

I have always had Excellent treatments at Skin Renewal Parkhurst. Staff are attentive to conditions of skin and changes. Treatments are performed as required and the ladies are excellent therapists.

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Review -"Kind and Caring"
Reviewed on 27 September 2014 by Simone Naidoo

My therapist is an excellent therapist. Very kind and caring she knows the product range so well and never force sells products I don't need. She's helped my skin transition through its different stages perfectly. I will not change salon or therapists.

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Review -"Pleasant Treatment!"
Reviewed on 27 September 2014 by Anonymous

Though expensive, the treatments visibly works. The sessions are pleasant even if a bit painful sometimes. My skin has improved visibly with the Carboxytherapy treatments!

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Review -"Excellent experience"
Reviewed on 26 September 2014 by Candice Bartle

It has been a very good experience at Skin Renewal Parkhurst. The facial was excellent and very professional - I felt relaxed throughout the appointment. My skin feels radiant and amazing. Thank you!!!

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Review -"Amazing facial"
Reviewed on 25 September 2014 by S. M from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

I found my experience amazing. The therapist was very nice and informative. The environment in which I had my facial was relaxing and tranquil. Overall I will definitely be coming back.

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Review -"Definitely recommend Skin Renewal"
Reviewed on 20 September 2014 by Dominique Collett

She is an amazing therapist I have been coming to her for almost 2 years now and have always had a great experience. I have recommended her to many friends and family members.

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Review -"Happy with the improvement in my skin"
Reviewed on 20 September 2014 by B. N. from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Overall happy with the improvement in my skin tone and complexion. The therapist always provides valuable input and is very experienced. A very good experience.

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Review -"Helpful & supportive!"
Reviewed on 19 September 2014 by Z. T from Parkhurst Tengimgene

Very helpful and the advice I get I will apply to my whole family. The continuous support from the team is amazing.

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Review -"Thank you!!"
Reviewed on 18 September 2014 by Ipeleng Selele

I am very pleased about the service and professionalism. My skin is looking radiant and healthy again. She is truly great and professional and proactive!

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Review -"Anti Ageing treatments"
Reviewed on 16 September 2014 by Milu Paschkowitz

I am very happy with the different treatments I had so far. I will try to continue on a regular basis.

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Review -"Parkhurst is Knowledgeable & Confident"
Reviewed on 16 September 2014 by Mary Kolmel

Everyone is well knowledgeable on products. Have confidence in going through the Botox procedures.

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Review -"Excellent!"
Reviewed on 15 September 2014 by Suretha le Grange

Excellent treatments with well trained staff. My maintenance has become a treat.

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Review -"First time Dermapen treatment"
Reviewed on 15 September 2014 by Ruth Lipschitz

Overall pleasant. Strange, almost painful on removal of anaesthetic, skin looks plump - will see the effect later and comment again.

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Review -"Patient & Understanding"
Reviewed on 15 September 2014 by S Adams

Kelly is fantastic. She is patient and understanding of my needs. She makes Laser Hair Removal feel painless.

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Review -"Excellent Treatments"
Reviewed on 13 September 2014 by SQ from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Carboxy and Pumpkin peel done by Kelly. I have been seeing her for over 2 years and have never had a bad day or experience. Treatments are excellent and I will not change or go anywhere else, unless of coarse if Kelly decides to work elsewhere.

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Review -"“I always feel welcome and at home”"
Reviewed on 13 September 2014 by A. M. from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

The team is always professional and friendly. They always makes me feel welcome and at home. The therapist knows the products well and always explains the treatments. She has given me good advice since I started to see her and my skin has really improved. I always look forward to my monthly appointment. Thank you!

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Review -"Treatment that’s the trick"
Reviewed on 13 September 2014 by VG from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Started off with uneven skin tone and old acne scars. On treatments for almost 3 years, positive comments and compliments on my skin improvements, more even toned and definitely brighter. Finally on the right professional treatment and product combination.

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Review -"The team is great!"
Reviewed on 13 September 2014 by Anonymous

The team is great! Always upbeat, pleasant and makes good suggestions on treatments and products at Skin Renewal Parkhurst.

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Review -"One of the best"
Reviewed on 12 September 2014 by Zanele Mokoena

My therapist is one of the best. Always updating me on new products and helping me with which treatment to use to improve my cellulite and skin. I'm grateful to be treated by her every week. She is kind and very patient with her clients. Treats everyone special. I love her.

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Review -"Excellent service"
Reviewed on 12 September 2014 by CL from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Skin Renewal always delivers excellent service, both in terms of treatment and skin care advice. Therapists are very well trained, and quality of their service is always consistent.

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Review -"Thank you to the Skin Renewal Team"
Reviewed on 12 September 2014 by CF from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Coming into Skin Renewal is such a wonderful and relaxing experience. Not only is the environment itself beautiful, but the treatments and products are of the highest quality. Liza is an incredible therapist and knows exactly what will work on your skin for your desired results.

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Review -"Very Impressed!"
Reviewed on 12 September 2014 by TA from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

The treatment was very enjoyable and generally deep cleanses are mostly painful and not something to look forward to. I feel completely relaxed and looking forward to my next appointment. It is very evident that the ladies executing treatments take their jobs very sensibly and really are dedicated to helping you look and feel better.

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Review -"Great therapist"
Reviewed on 12 September 2014 by N. S from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Therapist is professional, friendly and amazing at her job. The treatments are always done very sensitively with a great deal of care. Thank you!

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Review -"I look forward to my appointments!"
Reviewed on 12 September 2014 by Anonymous

Great experience whilst treating my acne treatments. Although the peels can be dreadful a lot of the time, overall I look forward to my appointments at Skin Renewal Parkhurst!

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Review -"Always leave feeling special and happy!"
Reviewed on 10 September 2014 by Jeanie Roberts

The service at Skin Body and Health Renewal is professional, and when providing the service, you realize the staff are not only knowledgeable but also passionate and excited about their craft. They are wonderful, warm-hearted and passionate therapists. She has a positive and kind spirit and provides useful tips and advice. Thank you very much!

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Review -"Awesome Experience!"
Reviewed on 10 September 2014 by S. L from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

My experience has been awesome. I have had some bad experiences previously with bad skin reactions, but she has been doing a great job

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Review -"Enjoyable facials at Skin Renewal"
Reviewed on 10 September 2014 by A. M from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Enjoy the facials at Skin Renewal. They professionally give advice on my skin, recommends treatments and follows the progress of any skin issues. Would highly recommend.

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Review -"Awesome therapist"
Reviewed on 9 September 2014 by Renske Coetzee

Kelly is Awesome! She takes care with each treatment to ensure that my needs and concerns are met and addressed. Always professional in her approach to everything she does at Skin Renewal Parkhurst.

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Review -"Cutting edge and up to date"
Reviewed on 9 September 2014 by Marion Pearce

I have been a client at Skin Renewal for 2 years and I'm always impressed by the excellent service I receive. She is a wonderful therapist and always takes care to ensure excellent treatment as well as inform me of latest offerings from Skin Renewal. As a company they are cutting edge and up to date with the best treatments available.

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Review -"Proffesional service"
Reviewed on 9 September 2014 by A Venter

Good experience. Everything well explained by therapist before initiating, such professional service!

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Review -"Super relaxing!"
Reviewed on 6 September 2014 by E Clarke

My skin feels awesome and clean! Liza is always amazing and the head massage at the end is super relaxing.

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Review -"Visible Improvement"
Reviewed on 5 September 2014 by Anonymous

Second treatment, since assessment and I can see visible improvement in my skin. It's brighter and the pigmentation around my mouth and the pigmentation from acne scaring has improved. Can't wait to finish course of treatment to see full results.

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Review -"Love coming here…"
Reviewed on 5 September 2014 by Anonymous

Lovely serene environment with friendly and expert advice. Great treatments with outstanding results. Love coming here!

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Review -"Professional"
Reviewed on 4 September 2014 by Katy Taplin

My therapist is knowledgeable and professional and makes one feel relaxed and at ease. Very impressed with treatment results so far.

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Review -"The most exceptional and caring therapist…"
Reviewed on 2 September 2014 by Penny Bentel

The therapist at Parkhurst is the most exceptional, caring and brilliant therapist. Every interaction I have had with her has been most pleasant and comfortable. She has a natural feel for people and her ability to explain and do the treatment to one is not only a comforting treatment, yet informative at the same time.

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Review -"Great Facial, best hands in the business"
Reviewed on 1 May 2014 by Pat Roberts

Great facial from Liesl - the best hands in the business. My skin is truly renewed!

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Review -"Painless Waxing"
Reviewed on 18 September 2013 by S D

I would like to use this opportunity to comment on the professionalism and friendly service your team. The therapist did a painless job in doing a men's chest wax and as we all know "men are sissies when it comes to looking pretty".

I will definitely visit your branch in the near future!

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