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Lindi Scheffers

Lindi Scheffers

Somatology - CIDESCO, SAAHSP, CIBTAC; Masters Diploma Health & Skin Care

Lindi Scheffers, a certified Health and Skincare Therapist (Somatologist) from Isa Carstens Academy and a qualified Fitness Professional from the Exercise Teachers Academy in Stellenbosch launched her career with a holistic skincare and fitness salon in the Eastern Cape. In 2002, she pivoted to education, becoming a lecturer at a renowned Skin Care Academy in the Western Cape, where she contributed significantly to research and course material development in Skin Care and Fitness fields.

2010 she joined Skin Renewal, leaving her principal role at the International Academy of Health and Skin Care in Cape Town. As the regional trainer for the Cape Town Support Team, Lindi was integral to training therapists, doctors, nurses, and leaders and participated in research, product development, and testing. She consistently upskilled herself by attending various lectures and training in the medical aesthetics field to keep up-to-date with the latest treatments and technologies.

By May 2015, Lindi assumed the role of National Training Leader for Skin Renewal. She oversees training for all regional training team members and continues her research, testing, and development tasks. Additionally, she actively partakes in various other aspects of Skin Renewal, including marketing, protocol development, managing the Skin Renewal E-Learning platform, and upholding and enhancing the Skin Renewal brand standards.