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Katharine Neill

Katharine Neill

BA Marketing, Corporate Communications (RAU), CPE (Law) (Westminster University)

With an infectious zest for life, Katharine has successfully married her legal and marketing qualifications and may best be described as having an analytical mind with a creative edge.

Katharine’s enduring quality is her ability to influence and build relationships across all levels of business. Having worked on leading property, FMCG and retail brands globally, her skill set is as diverse as her experience.

Katharine joined the Renewal Institute in 2018 after 6 years of experiencing the company as a patient. The ethos of the company, its innovative approach to integrated health care, and ability to constantly remain at the cutting edge, resonated with her. When an opportunity presented itself for her to join the family and work with the best minds in the industry - it was one she couldn’t pass by.

Katharine is passionate, excited and eager to add value to the business and every patient's experience of it.