There are a few factors that contribute to enlarged pores, namely, genetics, severe skin dehydration, severe oiliness due to overactive oil glands, sun damage and age.

People who have skin that is naturally thick and oily tend to have larger pores. As people get older, too, sun damage and decreased skin elasticity can cause pores to dilate and look much larger. The skin thickens, causing tiny cells to collect around the edge of the pores which also make them look larger. Blackheads are also a big contributor to large pores. When the pore becomes clogged by dirt, bacteria and oil within the pore begins to accumulate, causing the pore's diameter to expand.

How can one improve enlarged pores?

The good news is that the appearance of large pores can be greatly reduced in a number of ways. For example:

  • Cleansing the pores of debris, excess oil, and bacteria will significantly reduce their prominence. This can be achieved by using a low-strength topical medication or face wash with Alpha HA s, Beta HAs, or Poly HAs
  • Exfoliation is also a key to minimising the appearance of large pores. This can be accomplished using at-home facial scrubs or in office
  • Microdermabrasion and Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Peel Any treatment or products that increase the collagen content of the dermis will improve the size of the pores.

In-Office Therapies:

Any treatment or products that increase the collagen content of the dermis will improve the size of the pores.

At Skin Renewal, we offer combinations of collagen inducing treatments to treat enlarged, dilated pores. These include:

  • Titan®
  • Laser Genesis™
  • Pearl laser
  • Beta Salicylic Acid Peels
  • Laser Genesis
  • Carboxytherapy
  • Endymed FSR
  • Fraxel DUAL Laser
  • Skin Needling with Dermapen
  • RF Needling with Secret RF or Endymed Intensif
  • PDL (Pulsed Dye Laser)
  • Superficial Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion

Skin Renewal Tip

A monthly light, affordable maintenance treatment with Microdermabrasion and transdermal mesotherapy can go a long way to prevent enlarged pores from forming. Separately each clinical application presents a powerful solution for the most in-demand, fastest-growing procedure with no downtime.


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Review -Relaxing Experience with Marzet
Reviewed on 16 February 2015 by Lara de Leurist

The treatments at Skin Renewal Constantia are very relaxing with Marzet. I am looking forward to the rest of the treatments and the results. Very professional therapist, very knowledgeable and kind.

Review -Exceptionally knowledgeable, gentle and highly professional!
Reviewed on 16 January 2015 by Aimee Eveleigh

Dr Dominique, at the Skin Renewal Claremont branch, was unbelievable professional and very friendly during my dermapen treatment. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and very happy to answer all my questions thoroughly.

Cindy, my therapist, was an absolute delight - she is beautiful, gentle and also highly professional in her approach. Overall my experience with both Cindy & Dr Dominique was brilliant and surpassed all of my expectation. I'll definitely use Dr Dominique again for all my future treatments and recommend her and Cindy to all my friends and colleagues

Review -Love Skin Renewal
Reviewed on 28 September 2014 by Leonora Visagie

Laruschka is competent and caring. I enjoyed the treatment and will recommend her.

Review -Very Knowledgeable therapist
Reviewed on 21 September 2014 by EC from Skin Renewal Irene

Ilona is honest and realistic about results that can be expected and she is a very good massage therapist. She has a pleasant and humorous disposition.

Review -Excellent Treatments
Reviewed on 12 September 2014 by SQ from Skin Renewal Parkhurst

Carboxy and Pumpkin peel done by Kelly. I have been seeing her for over 2 years and have never had a bad day or experience. Treatments are excellent and I will not change or go anywhere else, unless of coarse if Kelly decides to work elsewhere.

Review -Happy Place
Reviewed on 1 September 2014 by Taryn Grover

I absolutely love Melissa! She is so knowledgeable, informative about treatments; a brilliant therapist and always such a laugh and good chat! I'm in my happy place when I come for my treatments. I would recommend Melissa time and time again :)

Review -A truly amazing way to spoil yourself!
Reviewed on 27 August 2014 by Anonymous

Thank you Tammy! Your knowledge, experience and kindness is much appreciated. It is a truly amazing way to spoil yourself by having a Facial at Skin Renewal Stellenbosch.

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