Juvederm Dermal Fillers by Allergan at a Glance

Best Results 1
Duration of Results 10 months
Treatment Recovery 2 - 3 days
Risks & Complications Low - medium
Anaesthetic Ice/None
Procedure Time 20 - 30 mins
Skin Specialist Doctor
Back To Work Same day
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When we were younger and our skin had abundant collagen, the only lines and wrinkles we had were dynamic. All dynamic wrinkles, with age, will eventually lead to static wrinkles as collagen is depleted and constant motion "cracks" the skin. Dynamic Wrinkles are caused by facial expressions and repetitive facial movements. Each time we use a facial muscle, a groove forms beneath the surface of the skin, which is why we see lines form with each facial expression. As skin ages and loses its elasticity, the skin stops springing back to its line-free state, and these grooves become permanently etched on the face as fine lines and wrinkles.

There is a range of Dermal Fillers available, the type, cost, and amount of fillers used will be determined by the area you wish to treat and your attending Doctor's discretion.

These fillers include:

  • Juvederm Ultra 4 is used for volumizing and the correction of deeper folds and wrinkles, including enhancing volume in the cheeks and chin.
  • Juvederm Ultra 2 is used for the subtle correction of medium facial lines and skin depressions. It also enhances lip contour.


Dermal fillers placed into the following MD Code areas will help lift jowls and strengthen the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system), which is the layer of the muscles of facial expression in their own connective tissue envelope.

The SMAS lies beneath the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and it is one of the most critical support structures for the face and neck. The strengthening of the SMAS and foundation of the face with dermal fillers placed strategically into areas called the MD Codes. These will lift the sagging excess tissue due to lack of collagen, bone loss, deep fat pad loss (destabilising the ligaments attaching to the facial skin), and muscle weakness. Volumising the deep fat pads with dermal fillers lifts these ligaments that support the foundation of the face.

The FOUNDATION CODES; CK1, Ck2, CK4, and T1 strengthen the SMAS and pull the jowls up and outwards. CK3 volumises the deep cheek fat pad in the mid-face and the banana fat pad under the eyes and thus improves deep hollows under the eyes. CK 5 volumises hollow cheeks and lifts jowls.

The CONTOUR CODES; C 1 to C6 feminise the jawline area, soften the marionette lines and jowl area, lift a downturned mouth corner and soften a protruding chin. JW1 to JW5 improves the jawline, jowls and double chin,

The REFINEMENT CODES; soften nasolabial folds, improves tear troughs and softens lines around the mouth; smokers lines and lip augmentation can also be artistically done to achieve "natural "looking lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal Filler treatments are available in Johannesburg at FourwaysParkhurstMorningside, BedfordviewWest Rand, Waterfall and Illovo as well as in Pretoria at Brooklyn and Irene and in the Western Cape at Cape QuarterClaremontConstantiaStellenboschWillowbridgePaarl, and in KwaZulu-Natal at BallitoDurban & Umhlanga.

Injectable fillers are substances designed to:

  • enhance volume,
  • erase wrinkles,
  • augment lips,
  • induce collagen production and
  • overall restore the youthful 3-dimensional contour of the face.

There are many filler choices: hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring human protein responsible for cushioning the skin, and newer fillers or volumizers that are meant to fill larger volume loss like sunken cheeks, lost cheekbones, and very deep nasolabial folds and marionette lines. 

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are produced by human genes inserted into a bacterium for reproduction. It is a highly "conserved" protein, meaning that its genetic composition is almost exactly the same in 97% of animal species. This gives an extremely low incidence of allergic reactions, hence there is no need for pre-treatment skin testing.

If you think of the skin as a 3-dimensional lattice with the structure mostly composed of collagen (which are like large ropes intertwined on each other) and elastin (which gives it its bounce and keeps it from getting stiff), then hyaluronic acid is the gel that is found between these structural proteins in the skin to cushion them. Thus, it has a very natural feel and cannot be seen since it is clear. Hyaluronic acid is hygroscopic which means that it draws water very strongly to it, yielding a larger volume effect than the material would have by itself.

The typical areas treated are;

  • the nasolabial folds (lines from the end of the nose to the end of the lips),
  • perioral area (wrinkles around the lips),
  • wrinkles of the cheeks, and
  • marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth to the jawline, accentuating the downturn of the mouth) and
  • Lip augmentation provides definition without looking overdone to lips that have become thin and wrinkled.
  • Other areas include filling in acne scars,
  • "tear-trough deformity" (hollow under-eye circles), hollow cheeks, cheek-lift, brow-lift and
  • Resculpting the jawline by lessening the effect of jowls and sagging.
  • Your hands age quickly because they’re constantly exposed to the elements, and it’s an area often overlooked in terms of sun protection. Even if you’re diligent with sun protection, your hands will naturally start to age because the fat layer disappears. Dermal fillers, however, result in longer-lasting results with a minimal need for follow-up treatments.

Artistically performed injectable fillers can improve your appearance within one week.

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm 24 and Juvéderm Hydrate can also be used to improve aging hands, décolleté, and skin. Multiple micro-injections are placed in the dermis attract water and instantly plump up the skin.

To understand the various treatments of wrinkles, one must understand that there are different kinds of wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, and static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are those wrinkles and lines that appear when your face is animated. Static wrinkles are those facial lines that are evident even when our face is at rest and is better treated with dermal fillers. Unlike injectable wrinkle reducers, dermal fillers can be used to treat both dynamic and static wrinkles.

Static wrinkles are wrinkles that are evident even when our face is at rest. Sleeping positions are one of the main causes of static wrinkles. Resting your face on the pillow, in the same way, every night for years on end also leads to wrinkles. Called sleep lines, these wrinkles eventually become etched on the surface of the skin and no longer disappear when the head is not resting on the pillow. Women, who tend to sleep on their sides, are most likely to see these lines appear on their chin and cheeks. Men tend to notice these lines on the forehead since they usually sleep with the face pressed face down on the pillow. People who sleep on their backs do not develop these wrinkles since their skin does not lie crumpled against the pillow. Unlike Botox, dermal fillers can be used to treat both dynamic and static wrinkles.

Wrinkle treatment should start as soon as one sees a wrinkle developing when the wrinkles are still "soft". If these wrinkles are neglected they become "ingrained" and "scar-like" they are impossible to treat successfully.

If we intervene early and fill in wrinkles with dermal fillers, then we can prevent the breaks in the skin, commonly known as wrinkles. In addition, if the wrinkles are filled up with fillers, this exerts pressure on the fibroblasts in the area, and collagen is stimulated which then gets incorporated into the wrinkle area and causes prolonged filling effects and wrinkle improvement.

Repeated filler injections (every 6 to 12 months) will ensure a superior long term result as collagen is continually stimulated. In addition to wrinkles, often an aging face is less about a softening jawline and more about losing volume higher up in the face viz the temples, the eyebrow area, the anterior and lateral cheeks. When the lower parts of the face start dropping, gravity is defied by lifting and replacing the lost volume with injections of dermal fillers in the upper parts of the face. Soft tissue volumizing techniques using dermal fillers reverse these atrophic changes, yielding outstanding results, and all with minimal downtime.

Most tissue in the human body contains hyaluronic acid especially the skin, the eyeballs, and the cartilages. The Hyaluronic acid acts as a natural sponge/shock absorber, especially in one's joints. As one gets older, the body produces less hyaluronic acid. This is one of the reasons older patients suffer from OA (osteoarthritis) as they lose the sponginess provided by hyaluronic acid. The skin also becomes dehydrated and thus by replacing the hyaluronic acid in one’s skin and lips, the hydration and thickness of one’s skin will improve. Hyaluronic acid also stimulates one’s own natural collagen once it has been injected into the skin. When the wrinkles are filled up with fillers, this exerts pressure on the fibroblasts in the area, and collagen is stimulated which then gets incorporated into the wrinkle area and causes prolonged filling effects and wrinkle improvement.

In addition, when the hyaluronic acid starts breaking down, this produces an intermediate fragment of hyaluronic acid which stimulates collagen resulting in prolonged beneficial effects of the filler...a win-win situation!

Consumers are always interested in maintaining a youthful appearance, and as the global population's median age increases, this market is increasingly expanding. Numerous studies have shown that gravity is not the only determinant of aging, which is a complex process involving tissue atrophy and bone resorption. These two factors create a hollowing and sagging appearance with a loss of facial volume and contours which have a profound effect on the appearance of the midface. Most people can see that they are looking older but do not recognize that volume loss is the reason that their face is beginning to "sink" and "sag".

Traditionally surgical facelifts have been used to tighten skin and muscle and reduce the appearance of sagging but surgery cannot restore lost volume. For those who would rather steer clear of going under the knife to shave a few years off their appearance, a new aesthetic procedure that works without visibly wounding the skin is quickly gaining popularity…The Liquid Facelift.

The Liquid Facelift is a facial contouring procedure that involves the use of strategically placed Botox and dermal fillers around the face. This "injectable facelift" can create a younger, plumper look and address concerns like lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and sagging. This "injectable facelift" has been making a noticeable impact in aesthetic medicine during the past few years. It is typically more subtle than surgery and an increasing number of individuals are trying liquid facelift procedures before traditional facelift procedures.

Patients are not alone in having a difficult time seeing volume loss; many aesthetic clinicians do not fully recognize mid-face volume loss and the degree to which it contributes to facial aging.

At Renewal Institute we recognize volume loss and we have developed a new grading system that evaluates facial folds and creases and helps the clinician calculate the appropriate amount of a specific dermal filler program required to attain specific corrective facial goals. This new grading system can also be used to help patients understand their degree of volume loss and their treatment plan.

You are at an age where, typically, the skin starts to lose volume and begins to sag. We use dermal fillers to replace the volume that has been lost in the skin putting back the plumpness that is lost from natural fat pads atrophying. Dermal fillers are made up of Hyaluronic acid, which is an ingredient that naturally occurs in your skin, so it is not foreign to the skin. A good filler will enhance your skin by putting back "shape" where you have lost it. Because we are not injecting anything foreign to the skin, you are very unlikely to have any "reactions" to the filler. Some fillers (not all) contain a numbing agent to make the injection process more comfortable for patients, and if there is anything you may react to it would be the numbing agent (should you choose to have this type of filler). The worst that could happen is that you have some bruising from the injecting, which will resolve quite quickly, and you may have a bit of swelling for a day or two. Botox on the other hand does not give you volume at all. Many people think that Botox does the same thing as a filler, but the two could not be more different. Botox simply treats lines and dynamic wrinkles in the skin, by stopping the skin’s ability to "frown". So if it is volume you are needing, Botox would definitely not be an option for you. 

At Skin Renewal, dermal fillers are commonly performed at the same visit as injectable wrinkle reducers…the Liquid Facelift. These help with the upper one-third of the face whereas injectable fillers generally help with the lower two-thirds. The combination is one of the most widely used and most effective methods of achieving a significant aesthetic improvement within 1-2 weeks time.

After the procedure, you are provided an ice pack to take home which lessens the redness and swelling and you may be advised to periodically apply ice to the treated area for a couple of hours. There is virtually no swelling or bruising, so normal daily activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment. At Renewal Institute the option of a complimentary PDT/LED after the procedure is available. This is a healing, anti-aging light that further reduces bruising and swelling and prolongs the effect of the filler. 

You may put makeup on immediately and resume whatever activities you have planned, as long as you recognize that you will be a little red and swollen for half a day to a few days.

At Renewal Institute you are asked to have a follow-up consult at two weeks when everything is settled to evaluate your results and ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome and have had no problems. Try to avoid aspirin, myprodol, omega 3, or products containing a high-dosage vitamin E supplement for 10 days before the filler procedure (unless medically necessary) to avoid bruising.

After the filler procedure, it's recommended to avoid saunas and steam baths for 2 weeks.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are produced by human genes inserted into a bacterium for reproduction.

It is a highly "conserved" protein, meaning that its genetic composition is almost exactly the same in 97% of animal species. This gives it an extremely low incidence of allergic reactions, hence there is no need for pre-treatment skin testing.

The above-mentioned fillers have been used in millions of patients for more than 12 years with a very low incidence of side effects and thus are considered very safe.

At Renewal Institute, tens of thousands of patients have been treated with Dermal Fillers with no side effects and great results.

Laser and dermal fillers would very possibly be good options, and perhaps even some carboxytherapy (a combination of the 3 would give you great results). Other options that are highly effective, but do come with a fair bit of downtime include treatments such as Jett Plasma, CO2 Fractional Laser, Pearl Fractional Laser or Fraxel Laser. There are certainly many things that could be a consideration, even under eye dermal filler might be an option, but it all depends on the severity of the condition and the outcome that you are hoping to achieve. It is very important to choose the correct "tools" for the job. 

Yes, all skin types can be safely treated with dermal fillers.

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Review -Dr Ross is incredible
Reviewed on 23 March 2022 by Emily Fogel

Dr Ross made my experience so incredible. His knowledge, skill and amazing skin made me trust him completely. I have never looked or felt better. An asset to skin renewal.

Review -A fresh look!

The Filler treatment on my eyes made a huge difference to my face, it gave my face a "fresh" look! Dr Lestonn was kind and gentle and explained all options clearly. It was a great experience.

Review -The Constantia team is amazing
Reviewed on 6 March 2015 by Zsuzsanna Valko Constantia

I would like to let you know how happy I am with your branch in Constantia.

The team is amazing. Starting with the new receptionists: Stephanie is very professional, helpful and very welcoming, friendly every time someone enters or has a request.

I always get an immediate answer to my emails and they try to help me out with my appointments (I had quite a few...) to the fullest.

Dr. Fred is great doctor, very much aware of health and body problems and the way of treating them. I really enjoyed my IV treatments with him.

I am the patient of Dr. Graham for a few years now and I do not want to go to any doctor anymore for my fillers, botox or threads. I visited before the best doctors in Milan and Zürich so have some experience. He is a fantastic person, outstanding doctor who listens to you and does according to your needs, preferences. Some of my international friends feel the same way about him.

Last, but not least I have to mention my therapist. She is a lovely girl and an amazing therapist. She really loves her job and cares for her clients. She is very understanding and knows well how to treat different skin problems. She is not pushy and listens to the needs of her clients.

A big thank you for all of you guys, you work really hard and do a great job.

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

Review -Ageing skin
Reviewed on 2 March 2015 by Liz Falconer

I recently consulted with a Skin Renewal doctor regarding my ageing skin. After examining me and analyzing my requirements, she explained her recommendations in layman terms, with sensitivity to any concerns I had. The treatment itself was a breeze. She inspires confidence, creating a relaxed environment, which makes the experience enjoyable. The doc is a very special doctor and I am delighted with the results and my treatment.

Review -Excellent long lasting results
Reviewed on 9 February 2015 by Sharon Drummond

I have had Fillers before with excellent long lasting results. The treatment was at Skin Renewal Hillcrest.

Review -Excellent Service, Brilliant Results!
Reviewed on 11 September 2014 by Anonymous

I have been treated at multiple branches around Cape Town for the past three years for a number of different skin conditions. I always feel most at home with Bianca in Constantia, her ability to listen to my concerns and develop a plan that gets the results I am after is unparalleled. I am a lifetime customer, thank you Skin Renewal Constantia!

Review -Southdowns team...professional and helpful
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What a pleasure to visit Skin Renewal Irene. Every person is friendly, professional and helpful...feels like I am special to them, I feel at home.

Thanks Guys!

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Landa is a really wonderful therapist, always professional, pleasant and chatt. I would only recommend her for any treatments.

Review -Best by far!
Reviewed on 29 August 2014 by Jeanny Wolmarans

The Irene branch is very convenient for me and i believe for a lot of their clients. With friendly and capable staff members, they've become very sought after. Once such therapist- Yolanda Alberts, comes highly recommended and I can truly say she's very competent, informative and friendly, always prepared to go the extra mile!

Review -A pleasure to visit the Irene branch!
Reviewed on 29 July 2014 by Anne Marce

What a pleasure to visit! Very friendly people, Ilona is my favourite lady. The Botox and Fillers work and Dr Cecile is just wonderful.

Sharon Izak Elaine Chat staff ) WhatsApp