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Kirsten Labuschagne

Kirsten Labuschagne

Somatology - CIDESCO

Kirsten, originally from the picturesque village of Umhlanga Rocks, has nurtured a passion for health and beauty since her early years. Her professional journey began with a notable achievement: graduating with distinction as a certified health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. 

This accomplishment sparked her interest in skin health, leading her to further excel at Camelot International, where she graduated with distinction as the top CIDESCO aesthetic student.

Over the past few years, Kirsten has worked alongside esteemed professionals in the health and beauty industry. This experience has afforded her a broad and valuable perspective, enhancing her skills and deepening her understanding of aesthetic care.

Kirsten brings her passion, dedication, and extensive experience to the Skin Renewal team in KZN and is eager to continue making a positive impact in the lives of her patients. Her journey is a testament to her commitment to transforming lives through her experience in health and beauty.