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Review -Very relaxing treatment!
Reviewed on 26 August 2014 by Anonymous
Very relaxing treatment and no pain was felt at all. She kept me pre-occupied by being very friendly and talkative. Definitely will be coming back!
Review -Patient & Understanding
Reviewed on 14 September 2014 by S Adams

Kelly is fantastic. She is patient and understanding of my needs. She makes Laser Hair Removal feel painless.

Review -Happy client since 2008!
Reviewed on 3 September 2014 by Lindsay Linzer

I really trust Skin Renewal And really appreciate that the treatments are based on solid science. The staff are fantastically professional and treat all problems with respect and care.

Review -Cutting edge and up to date
Reviewed on 8 September 2014 by Marion Pearce

I have been a client at Skin Renewal for 2 years and I'm always impressed by the excellent service I receive. She is a wonderful therapist and always takes care to ensure excellent treatment as well as inform me of latest offerings from Skin Renewal. As a company they are cutting edge and up to date with the best treatments available.

Review -Candice has always been great!
Reviewed on 15 September 2014 by K.N from Skin Renewal Morningside

Candice has been a very accommodating and great through all my treatments especially during the painful times.

Review -Laser Hair Removal treatment review
Reviewed on 18 December 2015 by Narassa Govender

It is always a pleasure to come through for treatments with Carmen. She is professional yet friendly

Review -skin renewal spa treatments at Illovo
Reviewed on 17 December 2015 by michelle m

Amazing spa. Friendly atmosphere. I really enjoyed my experience there.

Review -skin renewal experience at Illovo
Reviewed on 8 October 2015 by Tom Green

lovely ladies are warm and friendly, very professional. Enjoyed the experience at Skin Renewal in Illovo.

Review -skin renewal treatment at Irene
Reviewed on 7 April 2016 by Frith Wesley

Fantastic!!! Thank you, Deonne is awesome at the Irene branch!

Review -skin renewal staff at Illovo
Reviewed on 10 November 2015 by Tania Pietersen

Always a special bunch of friendly girls who have been looking after me very well, as well as Dr Burt

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