Candela V-beam Plus laser

The Vbeam Prima Laser system is used worldwide by health and skin professionals to treat a variety of indications. The Laser is successfully used for both face and body treatments and covers a vast number of skin and body conditions.

Skin Renewal Candela V-Beam Prima

Thanks to a specialised cooling system, high speed and high powered device, treatments are far more tolerable with a minimal incidence of side effects.

The Vbeam is in essence two lasers in one; it makes use of two laser wavelengths, namely the long-pulsed ND: Yag 1064nm and the PDL (Pulsed Dye Laser) 595nm. This makes the device incredibly versatile but also enables us to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions with far more accuracy and specificity.

The Vbeam is successful in treating the following conditions:

This cutting edge technology makes use of a 1064nm wavelength and is suitable to treat all skin types and colours (Fitzpatrick scale), making it a real powerhouse in laser technology.