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Review -Amazing Treatment
Reviewed on 14 August 2015 by Anonymous

Four warts were immediately removed thanks to laser treatment. After regular, continual, noneffective treatments at my GP, which cost me thousands of rand's and excruciating pain, the spots were removed immediately and without pain.

Review -Great results after many treatments
Reviewed on 23 July 2015 by S.K From Brooklyn

I've been receiving keloid treatment for almost 2 years with brilliant results but the reason for constant return has been the phenomenal reception and treatment by the therapists, staff and treating doctors. Whilst the journey has been difficult, it's been under the warmest conditions of care and kindness. Thank you to the ladies at Skin Renewal, our relationship will continue long after the keloids are gone!

Review -Super Experience - Highly recommended!
Reviewed on 18 December 2015 by Julia St Clair

Charleen assisted me when I came in for a free consultation on products to purchase. I was so impressed with my overall experience from her demeanor and professionalism, to her polished client service. Not only do I now purchase a whole skincare regime from Skin Renewal thanks to her recommendation, but I also now come to her for peels and laser-gen and my skin feels incredible. This is a true example of exemplary service that makes you feel great as a client regardless of cost.

Review -Helette!
Reviewed on 23 December 2015 by O.S from Willowbridge

I have been a customer of Helette at Willowbridge fo a couple of years and my skin is radiant. the anti-ageing results achieved is much more than expected!

Review -Great Massage!
Reviewed on 23 December 2015 by Rene Solomon

Really great treatment. Thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and very professional therapists!

Review -Massage was fantastic!
Reviewed on 24 December 2015 by Rietjie Lotter

It was so nice. So relaxing. Massage was fantastic. Always nice to visit Helette.

Review -My Therapist Sharon
Reviewed on 24 September 2016 by P.B from West Rand

I had an amazing and thorough treatment with Sharon. She explained everything and has amazing hands. I enjoyed it very much.

Review -Beautiful People to deal with
Reviewed on 14 February 2018 by Aisha Ismail

Dr Tarryn has an approachable, friendly nature. She is light-handed and very professional. Penelope and Jessica are beautiful people to deal with. Very pleased with my experience at this branch.

Review -Loyalty Treatment from Loyalty places
Reviewed on 23 May 2018 by Anonymous

Excellent and professional service. Ilona is very knowledgable about skin care and I trust her completely. I've been under her care for a few years and I havee never been disappointed.

Review -Friendly warm Relaxing
Reviewed on 30 June 2018 by Carmen Hengse

Candice has been my therapist for the last 6 months. From day 1 she has always been professional and welcoming.Not only is my experience great but my skin looks amazing. People has mentioned to me that I look 10 years younger. My cellulite is the only thing that does not appreciate this warm gentle, trusting human being. Which I don;t mind. Highly recommended!

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