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Review -Compliments to Angelique Rademeyer
Reviewed on 6 June 2018 by Mohaila Moletsame

I am writing this review to extend my heartiest compliments to Angelique, she is an excellent therapist. I am very happy with my treatmnets and product selection. I look forward to the journy ahead with her. From a very satisfied client.

Review -Excellent service at Skin Renewal Umhlanga
Reviewed on 4 August 2018 by Anonymous

Skin Renewal Umhlanga not only makes you feel comfortable and welcomed but offers you a wide range of treatments and products. The staff are all highly experienced and equipped to offer the best advice. After only a few sessions of the Radiance peels, I have noticed a change in my skin tone and texture. I have no doubt that by the end of my treatment, I would have achieved exactly what I sought out to.

Sharon Izak Elaine ) WhatsApp