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Review -Amazing Service
Reviewed on 6 July 2018 by Anonymous

Awesome service and staff, Love the atmosphere. Outstanding service.

Review -I wanted more, better results!
Reviewed on 31 May 2017 by Clare from Morningside

Over the years I have tried almost everything out there to soften my acne marks. Peels, products, laser, microdermabrasion, collagen fillers, supplements and close to 2 years of Dermapen. Which was very good and had good results. I wanted more, better results that last.

And I found it! After a visit to Dr Maureen, she recommended I try Subcision. I hadn't even heard of it. She explained the procedure and what I could hope for in results. The procedure was quick with minimal/manageable pain. I had some bruising and swelling on my cheeks afterwards for approx 4 days. The result truly was astounding and totally worth it. After just one treatment the visible difference is so good people have commented, even my own dermatologist! It is by far the best treatment I have ever had for my acne marks. The true results became most visible to me 2 months following treatment. Thank you, Dr Maureen.

Review -Mrs SA Finalist Sponsor Review: Megan Nel
Reviewed on 13 September 2017 by Megan Nel

I could never find a therapist who understood my needs....till I walked through the doors at the Renewal Institute Fourways. My Life has changed forever. They understand my needs, my schedule and my lifestyle.Their therapists are trained to use the best products on the market (Lamelle being my favourite) and their technology is world renowned.

Why would I choose any other Institute when Renewal Institute is the best!

Review -Subcision Treatment
Reviewed on 9 January 2018 by Schalk from CT

I found the acne subcision treatment interesting and for the most part painless. I felt a little swollen afterwards but it wasn’t noticeable when I looked into the mirror. I felt normal in no time, I just had a little headache during the procedure which went away shortly after the treatment.

The results were smoother skin. When the treatment was finished I went back to work without any problems.

Sharon Izak Elaine ) WhatsApp