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Dr Nicolette Huggett

Dr Nicolette Huggett

MBChB (Pret)

A born-and-bred Jozi girl, Dr Nicolette graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2019. She first fell in love with the beautiful coast of KZN while completing her internship in Durban. Subsequently, she was posted to Mpumalanga for her community service, after which she decided to relocate and return to the tropical coastline of KZN. 

Being a health fanatic, she has always felt that medicine is her calling. She has cultivated this love of medicine further by realising and learning that nutrition and lifestyle play an integral part in disease. The Skin Renewal ethos of looking at one's skin as the dashboard to one's body resonated with her, and she jumped at the opportunity to join the Skin Renewal family and experience training and ongoing learning with Founder and Medical Director Dr Maureen Allem. 

Dr Nicolette is highly creative and a passionate animal lover. She enjoys spending her free time singing, learning to paint, at the beach, and riding horses. 

Dr Nicolette is excited to help you on your Skin Renewal journey by creating a plan that improves not only your skin but also your general well-being and self-confidence.