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Review -Impressed with Care and Attention
Reviewed on 9 March 2022 by Cara Stirton

I am always so impressed with the care and attention that I receive at Skin Renewal Ballito, from start to finish. The clinic is STUNNING, very modern with lots of natural light and a wall full of dozens of different brands of beauty and wellness products. The reception staff are so friendly and welcoming! Before your appointment, you fill in a questionnaire on an iPad to accurately categorise your skin type and facial needs. Taz is very tentative and thorough on explaining in detail what she was doing and what products she was using on my face. I always feel so relaxed and calm, I even fell asleep during one of my facials haha! I always get compliments on my glowy skin after my treatments, and my face and neck feel amazing. She answers any and all questions I have about my skin, and recommended affordable products and a skin care routine for me and my skin has never been better. Taz is the only therapist that I'll be going to, indefinitely, forever. I'd follow her anywhere! I went for a Botox treatment with Dr. Kate and was feeling very nervous because in my experience, Botox feels like dozens of bees stinging your face. Dr. Kate is so friendly and has a calming nature and really put me at ease, and the treatment itself was quick and best of all, PAINLESS!! She chatted to me about aftercare and how to make the effects last longer, which included a quick zinc test. Thank you Skin Renewal Ballito for the excellent service, I will always 11/10 recommend your clinic for all skin care needs + more! ♡

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