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Review -Has taken a beautiful shape!
Reviewed on 27 November 2015 by S.M from Parkhurst

Dr Maureen,

Since my accident in 2011 you have done astonishing work on me, you have never cease to amaze me. What you have done with my Nose is amazing, although it has not settled yet (only did it yesterday) but I hope it will only get better. It is still uncomfortable and painful, but believe me...it has taken a beautiful shape. I am happy as always.

Review -Sculpted to Perfection
Reviewed on 10 June 2022 by Leandra Ferreira

Had a non surgical nose job at Skin Renewal in Willowbridge 2 months ago. Results looking beautiful! During the experience staff was very professional kept me up to date every step of the way paying close attention to detail. The process took about an hour unlike other specialist who advertise 15 minute nose jobs. Dr. Graham took the time to analyze and sculpt to perfection. My confidence levels after this has boosted up and I am overall happy with the results. Recommend 10/10

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