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Review -Suitable for any budget
Reviewed on 22 October 2018 by Anonymous

Noxy was very professional from the time I enquired via email. She responded quickly and promptly. She followed up to confirm the appointment. My consultation was handled professionally, all the treatments was clear explained to me. I loved that I was allowed to choose the treatments suitable for my budget. Noxy handled evertyhing swiftly and professionaly. She's also very welcoming and polite.

Review -Positive about treatments
Reviewed on 17 October 2018 by Anonymous

Dr Jessica was very knowledgeable and good-natured. I've received a positve consultation and all questions answered. Noxy was also a gem super friendly and assisted the doctor well.

Review -Thank you Irene
Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Anonymous

I had a procedure done to remove my skin tags/DPN’s on the 10th of November 2018. The therapist was Anouska Busby. I would sincerely, from the bottom of my heart like to extend my gratitude to Skin Renewal Irene. The procedure was painful but Anouska did a great job calming me and talking to me through it. I really appreciate it. I have healed beautifully since then and I’m so happy with the end results. I will definitely recommend this clinic for all your skin/ beauty needs. I can’t thank Anouska enough!

Review -Amazing relaxing experience
Reviewed on 3 November 2018 by Anonymous

Thank you so much, Esther, it was an amazing experience. You are a great therapist. The facility is beautiful. I had a very relaxing experience.

Review -Amazing treatment from Helen
Reviewed on 14 November 2018 by Anonymous

Helen is the best, she understands what I want and need, and she gives the best advice. All her treatments that she has performed on me works so well with my skin and is always done in such a relaxing enviroment.

Review -What more could a girl want
Reviewed on 16 November 2018 by Anonymous

I really don't know what to say, and how to thank Helen and Dr Maureen for the most unforgettable experience. Coming all the way from Sub-Saharan Africa, (Zimbabwe). This treatment is exactly what the doctor ordered! With all the stress of living in Zimbabwe, this is what I needed. Feel the fear and do it anyway! The Renewal Institute is an absolute must for any girl. Thank you.

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