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Review -Excellent Service from the first call!
Reviewed on 27 February 2015 by Mrs L.J. Somerset West

I received excellent service from the first phone call to the clinic. I received all the information I needed before I even arrived and felt complete confidence in the treatment I received from Dr Rulene Maré. I would not hesitate to recommend Skin Renewal Somerset West to anyone wanting to improve their appearance and to boost their self confidence.

Review -Dr Lestonn is excellent!

I've been a client at Skin Renewal for the past 5 years, at the Parkhurst, Morningside and Pineslopes branches. All the staff are professional and friendly, and each visit is consistently amazing. I am particularly happy with Dr Lestonn Lawn, who I've been seeing for lip injectables for just over 2 years now. I love his manner and technique and after every visit, my lips never fail to look amazing (Kylie Jenner for what)! We've done Juvederm as well as Restylane fillers, and both have had fab results, thanks to the precision of Dr Lawn! 6 out of 5 stars from me :)

Review -Anti-Aging & Acne
Reviewed on 9 January 2018 by Samantha Naidoo

I have been a client of the Skin Renewal Institute since the beginning of this Year and have never looked back.

The attention to detail and the warm, friendly faces of the entire Skin Renewal team makes you feel instantly at home. I have had the pleasure of my treatments for aging and acne done by Dr Maureen Allem. She is literally Wonder Women. When it comes to Acne, she treats you from the inside out and I have been noticing amazing results over time. I have had Restylane under eye fillers in the tear trough area and Princess volume done on the outer corners of my eyes. They have filled up nicely and I don’t have that tired & exhausted look about me anymore which I have always tried to cover up with makeup. The procedure stung a bit, was not uncomfortable and I did not require a topical aesthetic at all. A follow up visit is required to access the area once fillers are done.

The radiance peel for acne and scarring is definitely a must, and when Lourita Louw is done with you, your face will literally glow. I have done 3 treatments so far and have noticed significant improvement with texture and scarring. I am wearing less makeup during the day and have skipped base all together.

The Health Renewal part of the clinic is worth every penny spent. Forget cocktails at the bar, how about one that actually benefits you in a number of ways. Dr Maricia is definitely the one to see when it comes to this. She is the holy grail of all things cocktails when it comes to IV infusion health. The IV infusions are painless and she is really gentle when it comes to the needle which I appreciate, seeing as I hate needles.

Whatever your concern, visiting the Skin Renewal Pineslopes branch is definitely worth the consult.

Review -Renewal Institute my 2nd Home
Reviewed on 21 September 2018 by Anonymous

What an experience. I have been building up for 10 years to have my upper lip seen to. After meeting Dr Zander and the calming effect on me I decided to take the big step. What an awesome person. What an awesome environment from you minute you walk in, to the time you leave. Renewal Institute will be my second home. Above VIP treatment. Thank you

Review -Always feel welcomed
Reviewed on 24 September 2018 by Anonymous

Excellent service, always feel welcomed. The therapists are very professional. Skin Renewal Bedfordview always treats your concerns and they go out of their way to accommodate you. My skin has really improved with the treatments that I have done at the Skin Bedfordview Branch. The doctors are amazing. Friendly, professional, and excellent services provided.

Sharon Izak Elaine ) WhatsApp