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Dr Rulene Maré

Dr Rulene Maré

MBChB (Pret)

An impressive golfer who has played for over twenty years on some of South Africa's most beautiful and remote golf courses, Dr Rulene is indeed a highly skilled and versatile woman.

Passionate about travel, her favourite destination is Positano (Italy), and her travel partner of choice is always her husband. A general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetics, anti-ageing, and cosmetic medicine, she obtained her MBChB from the University of Pretoria in 2005. Dr Rulene has also completed further training in advanced cardiac life support, paediatric advanced life support, and advanced trauma life support.

Consulting from Skin Renewal's Willowbridge and Stellenbosch clinics, Dr Rulene joined Skin Renewal in 2014, where she received extensive training under the expert guidance of Dr Maureen Allem and the regional training team. Dr Rulene explains that 'with all of my patients, the goal is to help them look and feel like a better and refreshed version of themselves'. 'I like to refer to this process as Ageing gracefully', she reiterates.

An avid athlete, she has completed 3 Cape Town Cycle Tours and competed in 5 half marathons. Dr Rulene has recently joined a triathlon training group and is set on tackling a few in the future. With such an impressive CV, one wonders how Dr Rulene would find time for family. A hands-on mom of a young son and daughter, she describes how life is busy and full. Dr Rulene loves to attend the frequent soccer matches and tennis games, and she treasures time spent doing puzzles and playing Barbies.