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Skin Renewal's Holistic Approach to Menopause

Skin Renewal's comprehensive approach to managing peri-menopause and menopause emphasises personalised care. It outlines common concerns women face during this transition, such as skin changes, sleep apnea, and weight gain. The page details a range of in-clinic treatments for skin health, like hydration facials and advanced laser therapies, alongside lifestyle adjustments and non-hormonal treatments to alleviate symptoms. It also covers strategies for maintaining bone health, recommended skincare routines, and managing hair thinning. Additionally, it addresses sexual health during menopause, the importance of preventive health screenings, and the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments to support women in achieving well-being and vitality through menopause.
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Menopause Solutions at Skin Renewal

Navigating The Change

At Skin Renewal, we understand each woman's unique journey through peri-menopause and menopause. Our aesthetic medical doctors, medical therapists and health coaches offer personalised care, focusing on key health pillars like sleep, stress management, and hormonal balance to navigate these changes with vitality.

Key Concerns During Menopause

At Skin Renewal, we emphasise fundamental health pillars like sleep, stress management, detoxification, insulin regulation, gut health, inflammation, and Omega 3:6 balance, which is crucial for hormonal balance during peri-menopause and menopause. These pillars address hormonal dysregulation and empower women to navigate this phase with vitality.

However, it's vital to recognise that each woman's journey through this stage is unique and requires personalised support and guidance. Our doctor-led approach and health coaches at Skin Renewal are committed to providing tailored care, ensuring every woman feels supported and ready to embrace this transformative phase of life.

Women often face challenges such as:

Experiencing skin changes during menopause is common, and addressing increased dryness, redness and rosacea, hormonal acne, unwanted facial hair, and volume loss is essential. For women seeking effective strategies, our comprehensive guide provides expert advice on managing menopausal skin concerns. Learn about targeted treatments and skincare routines that can help maintain a healthy, youthful complexion despite the hormonal shifts of menopause. With our tips and recommendations, tackle menopause-related skin issues head-on and keep your skin feeling resilient and radiant.

In-Clinic Solutions Available at Skin Renewal

Discover our range of in-clinic solutions specifically designed to rejuvenate menopausal skin. Our treatments cater to various skin concerns, from hydration treatments that replenish moisture to advanced energy-based devices that smooth out wrinkles.

Lifestyle Adjustments for Menopausal Symptoms

Ease menopausal symptoms with essential lifestyle adjustments that promote holistic well-being. Prioritising restful, quality sleep can significantly alleviate discomfort while managing weight through balanced nutrition and regular exercise helps maintain your body's equilibrium during menopause. Embrace cooling measures to counteract hot flashes, and ensure your diet is rich in phytonutrients to support hormonal balance. Adopting these lifestyle habits creates a foundation for thriving through menopause with vitality and health.

Non-Hormonal Treatment Options

Recommended Skincare Routine

Maintain a radiant complexion during menopause with a recommended skincare routine tailored for changing skin needs. Start with a gentle cleanser infused with ceramides or AHAs to nourish and exfoliate without irritation. Follow up with a moisturiser rich in ceramides and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration. Protect your skin daily with a physical sunscreen boasting an SPF of 50 or higher to shield against harmful UV rays. Embrace an anti-ageing night routine to repair and rejuvenate your skin as you sleep. This regimen supports the skin's health, keeping it supple and youthful throughout menopause.

Hair Health and Menopause

To combat hair thinning:

Addressing Ageing Concerns Beyond Menopause

Tackle ageing concerns with confidence by adopting long-term strategies that extend beyond menopause. Embrace a consistent healthy lifestyle as the cornerstone of longevity, complemented by regular physical activity to boost vitality and support systemic health. Nutritional interventions tailored to your body's evolving needs are critical in maintaining wellness. Stay ahead with ongoing health screenings for early detection and management of potential health issues. Additionally, explore hormone replacement therapy under professional guidance to mitigate age-related symptoms. These proactive measures can significantly contribute to a fulfilling and healthy post-menopausal life.

Sexual Health and Menopause

Preventive Measures and Screenings

Important screenings include:

Innovative Aesthetic Treatments for Menopause

Skin Renewal's aesthetic treatment solutions are tailored for menopausal skin, including injectable fillers and neurotoxins for a revitalised appearance. Our clinics offer comprehensive facial analysis by thirds to strategically target ageing signs alongside cutting-edge, medical-grade lasers and radiofrequency treatments that rejuvenate and restore your skin's youthful glow. Embrace the transformation with our specialised procedures designed for the unique needs of menopausal skin rejuvenation.