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Kirsten Ainsworth
Head Office

Kirsten Ainsworth

BCOM Marketing

Kirsten Ainsworth, a distinguished BCOM Marketing graduate, brings her fervent passion for skincare and the aesthetics industry to the forefront. Inspired by her renowned mother’s illustrious career, Kirsten has now joined the esteemed marketing team at Skin Renewal, poised to make her mark in the industry.

With a wealth of marketing experience, Kirsten has an extensive understanding of brand growth, leveraging her expertise to craft compelling strategies through dynamic events and innovative digital campaigns. Her knack for blending creativity with strategic insight has proven instrumental in driving brand success.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Kirsten cherishes her time with her husband and family. An avid fitness enthusiast, she delights in working out and cycling with her father, embracing an active lifestyle that mirrors her energetic and driven personality. Kirsten’s dedication to her craft and loved ones underscores her multifaceted approach to life, balancing professional excellence and personal fulfilment.