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Natasha Atkinson
Head Office

Natasha Atkinson

Natasha graduated at Camelot international in 2004 at the Johannesburg campus, with an international health and skin care diploma. Following her studies she decided she wanted to gain international experience abroad and went overseas to London to be trained followed by working on an American cruise-line.

Upon her return to South Africa in 2006, she went straight into working within the spa industry where she had started to have a strong pull towards aesthetics. Finding Skin Renewal in 2008, she became the manager at the Parkhurst clinic and was able to fulfill her passion within the aesthetic industry. Natasha grew from strength to strength fulfilling a greater purpose which had developed within Skin Renewal.

Natasha left the company but returned in April 2014, when she was re-employed as assistant manager in the Fourways branch. She took off at the end of 2015 for maternity leave and returned in June 2016 as a Sleep & Brain Renewal technician.

Currently she is part of our client relations team and live chat facilities on all our platforms.