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Sandisiwe Jika
Head Office

Sandisiwe Jika

Hailing from the picturesque city of East London, Sandisiwe is the cherished only child who spent her formative years basking in the unique culture and beauty of the Eastern Cape. Seeking new horizons and opportunities, she made the transformative journey to the vibrant metropolis of Cape Town.

In 2015, her professional trajectory took a promising turn as she joined the revered Skin Renewal team. She began her tenure as a clinical assistant at the esteemed Willowbridge clinic, where her dedication and prowess quickly became evident. Her journey with Skin Renewal evolved in 2023 when she transitioned to the Cape Town Distribution Centre, marking a new chapter in her career.

Endowed with an effervescent personality, Sandisiwe is a radiant beacon of positivity. Her diligent work ethic is complemented by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a passion for embracing new challenges.