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Ashley La Grange

Ashley La Grange

Ashley's professional journey is a vivid tapestry of academic excellence, personal dedication, and a deep-rooted passion for holistic therapies, education, and patient care. Her educational foundation was laid at Madge Wallace/Complimentary Health Centre, where she excelled in Holistic Therapies, earning national and international qualifications. Further enriching her academic portfolio, Ashley pursued a teachers' training program at UNISA, focusing on the development of practitioners. This accomplishment was a natural extension of her desire to educate and empower others in holistic health.

Outside of her professional life, Ashley embodies the roles of a devoted wife and mother to three beautiful children and caring for a beloved furry family member. In her personal life, multitasking is not just a skill but a necessity, seamlessly blending her family responsibilities with her professional ambitions.

At the heart of Ashley's career lies her enduring passions: a deep-seated love for people and a commitment to education. She believes fervently in guiding patients on their journey, equipping them with the knowledge and understanding necessary for their health and wellbeing. This philosophy has guided her throughout her career, shaping her approach to patient care and professional development.

Ashley's career path has been marked by numerous opportunities for learning and growth, particularly in advanced machine technologies. Her experiences have deepened her understanding of the importance of being results-driven in the dynamic and ever-evolving aesthetic industry. Her expertise in this area matches her dedication to achieving tangible, positive outcomes for her patients.

In a significant milestone in her career, Ashley has risen to become the leader at Skin Renewal Brooklyn. In this role, she brings her vast experience and knowledge to the forefront and ensures a warm, welcoming environment for all who seek their services. Her leadership is characterised by a commitment to making each patient comfortable and confident in their journey, reflecting the ethos of Skin Renewal. Ashley's story is one of continuous growth, unwavering dedication to her craft, and a heartfelt desire to make a difference in the lives of those she serves.