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Kayla Fransman

Kayla Fransman

Somatology - ITEC

Kayla embarked on her educational journey at the College of Cape Town, a crucial period in her life where she explored various paths in search of her true passion. It wasn’t until she immersed herself in the world of aesthetic treatments that she found her calling, discovering a field where her enthusiasm and skills could genuinely thrive.

In 2016, Kayla set a clear and ambitious goal: to become an integral part of the distinguished Skin Renewal team. Her journey towards this goal was fueled by a profound love for acquiring new techniques, mastering state-of-the-art machines, and an unwavering desire to elevate her skill set continually.

Kayla has a positive outlook on life, significantly influencing her work approach. She places a high value on patients and their care, ensuring they are at the forefront of her priorities. She is dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care and forging solid and trust-filled relationships, ensuring that everyone she interacts with feels valued and well taken care of.